Monday, September 18, 2023

LDS Geeks Podcast #2: First Doctor Adventures

Enjoy our first of a three-part series as TJ and I discuss our journey through Classic Doctor Who, starting with the First Doctor and our favorite adventures.


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Show notes:
0:00:24 - Introductions
0:02:24 - Where We're at in Doctor Who
0:05:02 - Spencer's Recommendation: Daredevil
0:06:51 - TJ's Recommendation: Leverage
            "Leverage: The Top 10 Job" by TJ
0:08:24 - First Doctor Introduction
0:11:38 - "The Keys of Marinus"
            "The First Doctor" by Spencer
0:20:39 - "The Romans"
            "First Doctor Revisited: The Romans" by Spencer
            "5 Times the Doctor Directly Influenced History" by Spencer
0:31:44 - "The Chase"
0:40:57 - "The Time Meddler"
            "Character Spotlight: The Monk" by Spencer
0:49:51 - "The Ark"
            "Pokemon Lessons: Us vs. Them" by Spencer
1:00:53 - "The Celestial Toymaker"
            "5 Things to Know About the Celestial Toymaker" by Spencer
            "The Celestial Toymaker" on Audible
1:09:21 - Conclusion

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