Monday, June 15, 2020

Boy Meets World Cameos in Girl Meets World

It may have ended a few years ago, but Girl Meets World is still my guilty pleasure on Disney Plus. I grew up with Cory and Shawn, so when it was in its early days on Netflix a few years back, my buddy David and I had to watch it. It’s definitely a different tone than Boy Meets World and it’s definitely a Disney Channel show. But in my mind it transcends other Disney Channel shows. The series also gives plenty of cameos to important Boy Meets World characters (so many that I couldn’t include them all).

Harley Keiner - Season 1, Episode 13 (Girl Meets Flaws)
He was Cory’s bully for a couple seasons back in the day, but more recently he’s the janitor at Riley’s middle school during Seasons 1 and 2. He appears in several episodes throughout those seasons, so it was hard to pick my favorite. I liked his character because he’s still the snarky Harley Keiner we remember from Boy Meets World, but he’s no longer a bully. Instead, he stands up for the bullied. Just goes to show that anyone can change and anyone can be redeemed.

Mr Feeny - Season 2, Episode 4 (Girl Meets Pluto)
I couldn’t not include Feeny on this list. The question was which of his episodes to include. He appeared five times through the show’s three seasons, but this one was my favorite. Feeny wasn’t the center of the episode by any means, but he appeared as Cory, Shawn, and Topanga dug up a time capsule in his backyard. So of course Riley and Maya pull out their best Feeny call to greet him. Also, I love their heartwarming conversation with him afterwards.

Eric Matthews - Season 2, Episode 5 (Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels)
For some reason grown-up Eric just makes me happy. Partly, his names for Maya just get more ridiculous as time goes on. But also it just shows how much goodness is in Eric’s heart. I still find it so strange that they slowly turned Eric from a ladies’ man to an idiot in the seven seasons of Boy Meets World. But this episode showed how amazing Eric is, even if he’s barely literate.

Tommy - Season 2, Episode 9 (Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington)
His story arc in Boy Meets World was relatively short, but this was one of those stories that made me love Eric back in the day. The same Tommy that Eric refused to adopt in college, he returned under the name TJ to help Eric win an election. It was beautiful to see Eric find closure to the decision he made for Tommy. A decision that tore him up when he made it. But Tommy never forgot him.

Mr. Turner - Season 2, Episode 10 (Girl Meets New Teacher)
Another story that deserved closure. After his motorcycle accident, Mr. Turner dropped off the face of Boy Meets World. But turns out he survived and married his nurse. This story was a great twist on the story of Mr. Turner from the original series. He got to stand up for Harper, a new edgy teacher, and make some cracks at the principal along the way.

Shawn Hunter - Season 1, Episode 18 (Girl Meets Master Plan)
He appeared so much that he was more of a recurring character than a cameo; he still deserves a mention. It was hard to pick an episode for him. This one is one of my favorites because it shows how much Shawn had begun to care for Maya. He knew what it was like to have absentee parents and (even though he didn’t become her step-dad/dad until later) he became a father figure for her at that time. It changed who Shawn was and I love that.

I knew I couldn’t possibly hit all the Boy Meets World cameos in Girl Meets World, but who were your favorites? Angela is another that I wanted to add. Also Morgan/Morgan in the finale.

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