Friday, June 12, 2020

Disney Dungeons and Dragons

A discussion that occurs often in my house is which Dungeons and Dragons class characters from other fictions would be if brought into D&D (Don’t judge me, I bet you have weird discussions too!) So here I present a Disney based Dungeons and Dragons party featuring all the major classes from 5th Edition and why I think each character fits with each class.


A creature made of pure rage, the Beast is a perfect fit for the barbarian. When we see him defending Belle from the wolves he goes into what can only be classified as a rage as he drops the entire pack, only to fall in the end just like a barbarian would once their temporary hit points ran out. We also see that Beast isn’t much of a fighter until he goes into said rage when he’s fighting Gaston, who gets in several cheap shots before Beast sees Belle and unleashes his furry fury on the hunter.


I will argue that Ariel is one of the most active princesses we have, especially in the pre-Elsa world. Her defining traits include her incredible singing voice and her curiosity about the world, both of which fit perfectly with the bard’s skill list. When her voice was taken and she had to somehow convince Eric to kiss her she doesn’t miss a beat, using her exceptional charisma stat to charm him into nearly kissing her. Ariel is the bard that can get into and out of any situation.


My first instinct was to go with Rapunzel since she has the power to heal with magic, but clerics are more than just the healer in the back that keeps the idiot fighter from dying. Clerics can hold their own in battle as well as aid the party with buffs and heals. Baymax can do it all between his vast medical knowledge and high-flying armor, willing to keep his team safe in battle and get them healed in between.


In touch with her people and her land, Pocahantas makes the perfect druid. She strives to protect the balance between her people, the settlers and the land by brokering peace through understanding and knowledge. She even casts Comprehend Languages and Speak With Plants at various times throughout the movie, and has a hoard of adorable animal companions that help her in her journey. The only thing she’s missing is Wild Shape, though I vote that turning into pastel paint during “Colors of the Wind” counts.


There’s an instinct to put Mulan under the monk category because of her Asian heritage and the monk’s classical leaning towards Eastern tradition, but Mulan doesn’t get the specialized training and inner focus a monk gets, she’s trained as a soldier, and is therefore a fighter. Mulan is an excellent fighter though, able to hold her own in both armor and a dress, and uses her brain to take out stronger opponents as well as her martial skills. Mulan is the one who would be on the front line, chopping through enemies without the need for magic or help.


Rafiki on the other hand, is a person who is not only a martial artist but in touch with his own spirituality to the point of granting him insight into the world itself. He is the spiritual leader of Pride Rock, and can use his own inner wisdom to find the answers to issues that effect his land. Plus just watch him fight off the hyenas and tell me he’s not a martial artist.


Gifted with strength from his godly parenthood, Hercules has one mission: to rejoin the gods of Mount Olympus. He becomes the noble knight vanquishing evil with his trusty (if obnoxious) steed Pegasus. Riding into every fight with a righteous cause and a quest to complete, he becomes the perfect paladin. On a side note he’s also a great example of how to play a lawful good character without making them obnoxious, but that’s probably a subject for another post another day.


Merida does not get her just due as a princess. She is a fierce red head with a fiery spirit to match. As a ranger she has her trusty bow and knowledge of the wilds on her side, plus an empathy with animals around her, including her own mother at one point. Merida could outshoot any other Disney character (Including Robin Hood-Fight me) and she’s never afraid to enter a battle. You need some ranged on your team? Recruit Merida.

Rogue-Robin Hood

He may not outshoot Merida, but he is an extremely competent archer and an even better rogue. Robin Hood stole gold right out of the royal carriage before King John could notice. He then orchestrated a plan where he stole dozens of bags of gold out of John’s room while he and Hiss were sleeping. Combined with his variety of disguises and agility and he’s the quintessential rogue-just don’t let his partner kiss your hand.

Born with magic, sometimes uncontrollable, usually by conditions before birth, Elsa almost comes straight out of the Player’s Handbook. Elsa has to learn to control her powers as she learns that the more she suppresses them the more trouble they’ll cause her. The diversity of her magic gives her the range to keep your enemies on their toes, making you grateful to have her in the party. Just don’t pet her familiar without asking or you’ll get burned.


Okay here me out because this was the hardest to find in all of Disney. Dr. Facilier, the bad guy from The Frog Princess is probably the perfect fit, but he’s also a villain and we’re building an adventuring party. In Xanathar’s Guide to Everything we get the subclass Hexblade, which binds the Warlock’s power to a weapon from the Shadowfell, so for this one we replace the weapon with Genie’s lamp and voila, a warlock. This of course will probably fly out the window in the next year when genie pacts become a thing but whatever. Either way, are you going to say no to having a being with phenomenal cosmic powers on your team?


This on the other hand was a no-brainer. Along with magic most of Merlin’s powers comes from his study of science and culture, and his collection of books seals this deal. Merlin is a specialist in transfiguration, turning him and Wart into a variety of animals to teach the future king lessons on life. His ultimate accomplishment is him polymorphing himself into a germ to infect Madam Mim’s dragon form, thus winning him a magic duel. That’s the move that proved that he’s a wizard extraordinaire.
What other Disney characters would you want to class?


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