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Knights of Wind and Truth Predictions


I have just finished reading The Sunlit Man by Brandon Sanderson and I liked how lore heavy this novel was. I knew I was going to write a post about this book, but as I set the book aside, I only thought about what will happen in Stormlight 5. So, unlike my other posts where I reviewed the novel and praised it, this post will be different. In this post I will go over my predictions on what will happen in Stormlight archives book 5. Most likely I will be wrong with my predictions, but I would like to know your thoughts. Also, who else is excited to read the best fight scene that Brandon Sanderson has ever written?


Warning this post will have spoilers on The Sunlit Man and Stormlight Archives


Illustrated by Ernanda Souza, Nabetse Zitro, and Kudriaken

Before we get into the predictions let us set the ground works with what we already know. In the Sunlit Man the main protagonist, Nomad, also known as Sigzil, Hoid's apprentice and Kaladin’s friend in Stormlight Archive. In Stormlight Archive Sigzil had an unnamed Honorspen, however in this book his spren, Auxiliary is a Highspren. Nomad mentioned in the book that he has was a knight in two orders: Windrunners from his Honorspren and Skybreakers from Auxiliary, his Highspren. 

Illustrated by Ernanda Souza, Nabetse Zitro, and Kudriaken

After the events of Knights of Wind and Truth (Stormlight 5) nomad must have become a Skybreaker. After that Hoid gave him a Dawnshard, giving him the ability to skip to other worlds, and not be able to physically harm others. Which sucks, because since he has a Dawnshard a group called Night Brigade has been after him wanting it. He eventually gives up the Dawnshard to someone else and broke his oaths, almost killing Auxiliary for reasons unknown. Even without the Dawnshard he still was being chased by the Night Brigade and therefore goes on the run for a very long time with his only companion being his nearly dead spren Auxiliary.

Now with the stage set, let's discuss what I predict might happen in Knights of Wind and Truth. From Rhythm of War, we know that book 5 will take place shortly after the events of book 4 since they have a short amount of time before the contest of champions. Since Kaladin chose to retire from fighting and help soldiers with PTSD, I believe that he will not be the champion for Dalinar. However, we know from Sunlit Man that something happens to Kaladin. Nomad talks about him in past tense and when he sees Hoid for the first time he thought he was hallucinating believing he was seeing Kaladin. So, something happened to him, but what. 

Mayalaran illustrated by Nozomi Matsuoka

Before I go into my predictions, I wanted to give you one more interpretation I made while reading the book. Nomad feels sorry for breaking his oath with Auxiliary nearly killing his second spren, but he never mentions feeling guilty about his Honorspren, his first spren. So, I believe that his spren never died or Nomad never broke his oaths with it. So, why did he get a new spren and what happened to his honorspren? 

Illustrated by u/Voidlantadd


Knights of Wind and Truth Prediction


I believe that after the contests of champions and at the end of the book Kaladin will become Honor/Odium, like Sazed becoming Harmony. We already know that Taravangian stabs Odium to take his power and place. No one has taken Honors place, but Honor has already died, so his power is temporary gone. For Kaladin to become Honor and bring “balance” to the Cosmere the honorspren will sacrifice their investiture to become the shard of Honor. That is why Nomad doesn't have any guilt pertaining to his honorspren. His Honorspren left Nomad to save his friend and leader Kaladin. After Kaladin becomes Honor and Odium looses during the contest of champions, Odium will give his power to Kaladin and he will become a different deity. But the question remains why will Kaladin become Honor?

Illustrated by Antti

I believe that Kaladin will start to die and, to prevent his death completely, he will become Honor. Like I stated earlier I don't believe that Kaladin will be in the contest of champions. I believe that will be Szeth since this book will focus on his backstory and it would be a good for his personal arc if he becomes Dalinars chosen fighter. So how will Kaladin die? I think Kaladin will sacrifice himself to protect someone he cares about: probably Dalinar, Adolin, or Szeth before the contest. Kaladin has shown to put the needs of others before his own and I feel like his character would be willing to sacrifice himself to save another. However, as foreshadowed by Moash "Kaladin can't be Killed" and will become the next Honor. and merge with Odium to become something greater.

There are countless other possibilities that could happen in Stormlight Archives book 5. What do you think will happen?

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