Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Why You Should Be Excited For Super Mario Bros.


The super Mario Bros movie is coming out April 5th and this could be the best video game film to ever be released. In this post I will go over 5 reasons why you should be excited for the Mario movie.

1) Chris Pratt Voicing Mario

I have heard some controversy about him voicing Mario over Charles Martinet, the original voice actor from the games. We don’t have much detail on why Charles Martinet wasn’t hired to voice Mario, it could be his age (being over 67) or his availability. However, he will be voicing Mario’s Dad. Either way, Chris Pratt is the second-best option after him. He has shown to be successful as a voice actor as evident in Lego Movie and Onward. Both movies were entertaining and very well received. Also, While listening to the trailers he does a good job being his own voice, but also sounding like Charles Martinet Mario.

2) Nintendo’s Animation Studio

Another reason that this movie has the potential being the best video game adaptation it is being released by Nintendo's own animation studio! 

Sonic 06 image from game. Yep they Kissed

In my opinion the best video game adaptation has been Sonic so far. The Sonic movie was released by Sony pictures, but the games is made by Sega. It may have been better if Sega made the movie instead of outsourcing it to Sony, however Sega has been known to produce awful sonic games. . . . I’m talking about you Sonic 06.

I believe that since Nintendo is in charge of making this movie and this is the first movie coming from their animation studio that they will do there best to make this movie successful. If it is then more Nintendo adaptations might come out, Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, etc. How fun would it be to see these beloved games being made into decent movies?

3) It is Fully Animated

One solution that could have made the Sonic movie better is to have made it fully animated. There is so much that can be done in animation that looks awkward if it was live action. I am so grateful that the Mario movie will be fully animated. The movie looks just like the video games which is awesome. I love seeing the 3D Mario stages that has been teased in the trailer as well as the Mario Kart scene, and Luigi Manson references. The animation looks beautiful!

Honestly, I hope that this upcoming movie will make a reference to the live action Super Mario Bros. that was made in 1993. Whether it's by breaking the 4th wall  making a live action Mario movie reference or stating that Mario’s last name is Mario. Any reference to that awful movie will make me laugh.

4) Voice Actors Cast

I have already talked about how Chris Pratt is a great choice to voice Mario. I should also give a shout out to the other cast members because they are great choices for this movie. Most of them are fans of the franchise and you know that they will be performing their best. For example, Jack Black is going to voice Bowser. Initially I thought that was a weird casting choice, but after watching the trailer I am confident that he will do well as the voice of Bowser. Also, the comedian Keegan-Michael Key who is known for substitute teacher skit will be voicing toad. I bet he will have some comedic relief in the movie.

5) The Story

The last reason why this movie could be the best video game adaptation is the story could be good. The movie seems to have a similar story from the video games, but also be unique. Like the video games Mario gets ready to fight against Bowser to stop his plans from conquering the world, but what is new is Princess Peach will be helping Mario instead of being captured.

I also think that there will be some side stories that will be told that true fans have been speculating about, but have not been confirmed yet. Like something about Mario and Donkey Kong history with each other.

I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in years since the pandemic but this movie I am planning on seeing in theaters with my spouse. I think this will be visually appealing, having a good cast and story, and being released by Nintendo itself. If you want Nintendo to make more movies, then you may want to show support by seeing this movie in theaters.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Gilmore Girls Workout

If you want to be like the Gilmore Girls, this workout (and working out in general) might not be for you. But if you’re wanting to burn a few calories to balance out the calories from your Gilmore-esque takeout, turn on an episode of Gilmore Girls and try this workout. 

  • Theme song plays - Push-ups 30 seconds
  • Someone drinks coffee - Crunches 15 seconds
  • Someone visits Luke’s Diner - 10 reps jumping jacks
  • Friday night dinner scene begins - 10 reps mountain climbers 
  • Rory appears, reading a book - Tricep dips 15 seconds
  • Lorelai talks about junk food - 10 reps leg raise 
  • Emily says something snarky - Wall Sit 30 seconds
  • Town meeting scene begins - High knees 10 sec
  • Lane talks about music or church - Squats 15 seconds
  • A troubadour sings a song - Calf raises 30 seconds

Friday, March 24, 2023

Creator Spotlight: Pokémon TCG RPG


Do you wish that there was a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) type RPG for Pokemon? Look no further, Joshua Webster a fellow geek can fix that itch.

This is an open access game that Josh has made, meaning that it is free for anyone that wants to play it. All you need is your Pokémon cards, dice, a willing dungeon master (DM), and download field maps that he has created. If finding a DM is difficult, Josh, hosts online sessions as well as in person sessions at the local library in Brigham City.

The game play is simple and fun combining the fun of the video games with traditional D&D gameplay, and a hint of magic the gathering. 

Custom Map to play on

Starting the Game

To begin a game the players will choose which type of trainer they want to be. There are many classes to choose from such as Bug Catcher, Sailor, Artist, Breeder, Generic Trainer, etc. Each has benefits and disadvantages. For example, Bug catchers would get catch bonus on grass type cards and bug Pokemon and all bug type Pokemon attacks get +10 damage, but if you have a fire cards or flying non bug in your team, your bug Pokemon loose attack advantage and abilities. For first time players it is recommended to play as a generic trainer who has not advantages, but also no weaknesses. 

Pokémon Crystal (Gold and Silver)

After creating your character, the next phase is to choose your starter Pokémon. You can choose any companion from the trading card game as long as it is a basic Pokémon and not a legendary. Who would you choose as your starter? From there you can explore the map searching for more Pokémon to add to your six-member party as well as your deck. You can fight gym leaders or team rocket. You can search for legendary Pokémon or catch them all. You can even join team rocket or create your own villainous organization and steal other players Pokémon which seems tempting to me. 

Battle and Evolution

 Pokémon TCG

In order to battle or evolve a Pokémon you must earn energy. Energy can be earned is various ways, such as battling wild Pokémon, Trainers, or doing nothing for a turn. With energy, that is given to individual Pokémon, you can tap it to fight other Pokémon (like Magic the gathering). the card will indicate how much energy is needed to use a certain attack. For example, it would take Charmander two energies to use Ember, or one energy to use scratch (See Above). Battles are turned based so you attack once, then your opponent will, etc. Once all energy is consumed you can do nothing for a turn to untap the used energy or perform a rollout attack which would inflict 20 damage to your opponent and inflicting your Pokémon for 10. If your Pokémon faints, then you turn the card over and the energy is lost, either going to the opponent or disappearing if it is a wild Pokémon. Luckily there is a Pokémon station to heal your Pokémon.

To catch a Pokémon you will have to damage the opposing Pokémon enough then depending on the type of pokéball you roll two dice. If the two dice are individually higher than the remaining HP of the Pokémon, you catch it, if not you have to try it again, 1 = 10 HP. Like the game throwing a pokéball takes up your turn. 

Typically to evolve a Pokémon you must earn energy equal to the amount of HP that Pokémon has. 1 energy = 10 HP. So, to evolve Charmander I must discard 5 energies to evolve it to Charmeleon. Whatever energy is left stays on the Pokémon.


It is really up to the DM to come up with a story, but the basic storyline is you enter a new town with your starter Pokémon and you need to prepare to face the gym leader. You won’t know the gym leaders type unless you face them or investigate the town. Everyone can go at their own pace and the difficulty will change depending how strong your Pokémon team becomes. There are many areas to explore with different types of Pokémon in each area. Many avenues to take in this adventure.


If you are interested in helping another Geek out and you love Pokémon reach out to Joshua he is more than happy to play the game he created. Also, Check out his Youtube channel, kickstarter, and website. He has published another game as well that is like if Mario Kart was a board game. All information about Joshua is posted below.