Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Phineas and Ferb Workout

"There's 104 days of summer vacation..." Wait. Where are Phineas and Ferb at that they have three months off school? Regardless of where the Tristate Area is and why Danville has a summer that lasted four years, I can assure you that students (and teachers especially) are ready for a relaxing break. So if you've been putting off exercise until the summer, now is the time. And you can work out to the tune of Phineas and Ferb's shenanigans. 

While I am a licensed physical therapy provider, I am not a personal trainer or a medical practitioner. Partner as necessary with your doctor prior to engaging in any diet or excise programs. If any of these exercises cause increased pain, stop the exercise immediately.

***This workout is intended to work without any equipment, but feel free to add small dumbbells or bands as you're safely able.

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