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6 Scenes I'd Want in The Horse and His Boy

I’ve said before in at least one podcast episode and one blog post that The Horse and His Boy is my favorite book from The Chronicles of Narnia. It breaks my heart that this book has never been adapted into live-action. Rumors continue to stir about a Netflix series, but I can’t find anything refutable to support a series being actively developed. It’s sad because, while other book-to-movie adaptations in the franchise might be difficult to make exciting and action-filled, this book has plenty of exciting and emotional scenes to give the full package for a movie. And this list is just a few of the scenes that would be aesthetically and emotionally beautiful.

A Wayside Adventure

The chase driving Shasta and Aravis together could be action-packed and emotion-inducing, particularly if the viewer has never read the books. Mix in some chase music, akin to “Prince Caspian Flees”, and this scene would have viewers fearing for Shasta and Bree’s safety for sure.

At the Gates of Tashbaan

I would imagine this scene similarly to the breathtaking view of the Argonath from The Lord of the Rings. Mix in some majestic music, like the music from the opening ceremonies from Hunger Games, as the humans and horses enter the Calormen capital. But maybe something more fear-inducing, as Shasta was scared to get separated from the others.

Shasta among the Tombs

This is one of those scenes from the book that resonated with me. Shasta felt scared and alone. All he had for comfort was a little cat (which turned out to be Aslan). A dimly lit view with a some melancholy, sad music would make this scene powerful. This scene might even make me cry if we ever get it on screen.

The Hermit of the Southern March

Again, this scene could use some music like "Prince Caspian Flees", but with some of Aslan's theme mixed in here. Yeah, the two kids needed to get away from Rabadash, but the majesty of Aslan chasing them would be wonderful. I'm imagining a shot like when Aslan ran to the White Witch's castle or when he attacked the Telmarine soldier in Prince Caspian.

The Unwelcome Fellow Traveller

Shasta's walk with Aslan is my favorite scene from the book. A calmer version of "To Aslan's Camp" would tug at the heart-strings. Something majestic with Aslan's theme to drive home the message that Aslan was with Shasta on his journey all along.

The Fight at Anvard

The Battle of Anvard was only seen from the Hermit's commentary in the book, but seeing it on the screen would give the viewer a chance to see the action first hand. The anticipation of Shasta being in danger and the fight against Rabadash (particularly when he got stuck) would be engaging. Add in some music like "The Battle" or "Battle at Aslan's How" (with something whimsical for Rabadash's mishap) would get my heart invested in this scene.

How Bree Became a Wiser Horse

Prince Cor’s entrance, returning to his friends with the Hermit, is a scene that I'd imagine with some Anvard variation of the Kings and Queens theme. Something strong and majestic, revealing him as Cor, not Shasta. 

Rabadash the Ridiculous

I imagine this scene having some mix of whimsy and reverence. As Aslan talks to the group, I'd imagine this scene would be very solemn. Definitely something with Aslan's theme. But as Rabadash turns into a donkey, we'd need some silly music to get us all laughing at Rabadash the Ridiculous, like the characters at the table.

Despite all my wishes to see The Horse and His Boy portrayed on screen, I won't hold my breath. Rumors have been floating around for years with no news. But a guy can dream. Maybe someday I'll get to see Shasta on screen and have a nice cry as I see him transform into Prince Cor. 

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