Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Creature Feature - Calvin's Snowmen

Back in elementary school, Calvin and Hobbes was always a hot commodity in the library. You had to be quick to check out those comics before someone else. And of course one of the antics that Calvin is known for is his snowmen. Some (like his parents) may call it demented, but I prefer to think of it as creative. Kids are weird, so let's embrace some of Calvin's dark humor and have a good laugh today.

There's always an opportunity to make fun of Dad.

Hard work comes in many forms, I guess.

It's appropriate at Halloween; why not at winter too?

*insert theme from Jaws*

We've all done something like this right?

Calvin gets deep and philosophical sometimes.

What's for dinner?

Welp... That happened.

On a side note, I wouldn't be surprised if that last comic was the inspiration for one of Steven Moffat's iconic Doctor Who villains.

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