Monday, March 2, 2020

The Wit and Wisdom of Calvin and Hobbes

As a kid, I loved Calvin and Hobbes. I identified with the mischievous kid whose brain was occupied equally by existential thoughts and fart jokes. He was a smart and introspective boy who loved to get dirty and explore and imagine and speak his mind. He was Spaceman Spiff and Tracer Bullet and Stupendous Man and the leader of GROSS. (Ugh, slimy girls!) A cardboard box was all he ever needed to live life to its fullest. And who doesn’t love littering the front yard with dark scenes of snowman carnage?

As an adult, Calvin and Hobbes speaks to me on a deeper level. Named for the theologian John Calvin and philosopher Thomas Hobbes, it’s appropriate that these two characters often delve into deep philosophical discussions. Calvin is so much more than a peeing bumper sticker. It would be easy to say that Calvin is just the embodiment of childhood (and he is), but he is also a found of wisdom, advice, and astute observations on life.

So here are some of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes moments!

I've never understood why parents ask "What are you doing?!"
when the answer is obvious. Thank you for poking fun, Bill Watterson.

Beautiful advice, Calvin.


This might need to be a mantra for my life.
Can somebody please cross stitch this, frame it, and
hang it on my wall? Mmkay, thanks.


I love loopholes! And if a student did this to me,
I would mark it wrong AND give them extra credit.
It's all about balance, people.

It feels like this should be the theme
for most online political "discussions".

As a teacher, this one speaks to me on a visceral level.

You said it, Calvin! 💪

And fittingly, I'll end with the very last Calvin and Hobbes strip ever,
which is possibly the best one ever, as well.

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