Monday, July 10, 2023

Marshle: Harry Potter is an Anime Now?

Do you wish that Harry Potter had its own anime? Well now it does, kinda. Marshle: Magic and Muscles is its own story but takes a lot of elements from Harry Potter like magic, potions, quidditch, school, and wizarding houses. It is a satire of Harry Potter and I love it. I don’t think I would like it as much as I do if I haven’t seen or read Harry Potter but since I have it makes the show 10x better.


The protagonist, Marsh, is the only “muggle” in the magic school but he is so comedically (dues ex machina) strong that his strength can be confused with magic. Hence the name of the anime Mashle (Mash + Muscle = Mashle). He is so strong that he can defy physics. For example, at one point of the anime Marsh is dragged to join quidditch, but he can’t fly so what does he do? He jumps up in the air and swings his legs so fast, while on a broomstick, that he stays afloat. That scene made me laugh so hard.

What makes Marshle different from Harry Potter is the story. In this world everyone is magically and any character that isn’t is killed. To tell if someone has magical powers, they are born with magic marks signifying that they can use magic. The more marks a person has the stronger they are. Marsh was born without any. He was raised deep in the forest with his adoptive grandfather and spent his time training and bulking up. However, one day his peaceful life is put in danger. To go back to his peaceful life, he must attend Durmstrang (Hogwarts), a magic school, and become a “Divine Visionary” to live his tranquil life again.

There are two trope in anime that should stop and even though I like this anime it has one of these tropes. One cliché is the sexualization of women and the other is the brother/sister trope; Marshle has the latter. In the most extreme cases the brother/sister trope is where one sibling loves the other in a romantic sense while the other only see's them as a sibling. In the show Lance loves his younger sister and wants to protect her. He hasn't stated he wants to marry her but it's still uncomfortable how much he loves her. Lance's relationship is similar to Yuri Briar from Spy x Family (Who IMO is the worst character in the anime because of this cliché). So far in the series Lance has only mentioned his sister a few times but if that is a turn off then don't watch this show.

If you want to watch an anime that is analogous towards Harry Potter that is comedic and has a different story than give this show a try. I like this show even though there is a brother/sister trope. If it wasn't for this trope I would score the first season 8/10 but since it has it I give it 6/10; 5 being average show.

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