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Tower of God: Allusion to the Bible (Part II)


In a previous post about Tower of God I wrote about how the 10 great families are like the lost 10 tribes of Israel. Link to that post is here. In this post I want to examine Baam and Rachel and how they are related to the bible and what I predict will happen in the series because of what I know about bible stories. 

*Spoiler Warning*

Let’s first talk about one of my favorite antagonists, Rachel. For those of you knew to the series Rachel is the reason why Baam, the main protagonist, enters the tower to find her. She was like a mother to him. She took care of/ used him until she was able to enter the tower. The way they dressed signifies that Rachel was taking responsibility for him. Sadly, entering the tower she showed her true colors and betrays Baam. This post isn’t about her being in the right or how evil she is. This post will explore how she relates to the bible and predict future events in the series because of this knowledge.

Rachel is the only character with a Hebrew origin name. All the other characters so far have Korean or over Asian roots to their name. In the Old Testament Jacob, also known as Israel, most favored wife was named Rachel. Israel had 12 sons two of which belonged to Rachel (Joseph and Benjamin). Three of the tribes of Israel were from Rachel; Ephraim, Manasseh (sons of Joseph) and Benjamin (One of two tribes that were never lost). As I have stated in my previous post Baam’s parents represent the two tribes that were not lost (Benjamin and Judah) which is important later in this post.

I believe from this information there are two hypotheses we can make about Rachel 1) She is Zahards sister or has some relation to him. If we assume that Zahard is like Jacob because Jacob was the patriarch over his sons and as you may recall Zahard was the leader of the 10 great families and Baam’s parents prior to them getting lost in purpose, then Rachel must be like Rachel from the Old Testament. I don’t think that Rachel is Zahards wife, but I would believe that these two are related for these reasons: 

1) They both have very similar hair colors. There are only a few characters with similar hair color (Zahard, Rachel, Wangnan Ja, etc) and Wangnan Ja is speculated to be a illegitimate son of Zahard. So Rachel could be related.

2) They are both irregulars, people that willed themselves to be in the tower. Only few people have willed themselves to the tower. I think if a sibling did so could another.

3) They both have/had a purpose to reach the top of the tower.

From this assumption I bet the reason Rachel gains many allies is because she tells them her relation to Zahard. While I have been reading this series, I never understood how she had such strong allies. She is weak, she brings nothing to the relationship but somehow has devoted followers. At first, I thought that was how her irregular abilities worked but know I think it is since she is related to Zahard. From this I predict that Zahard and Rachel both had the same goal to reach the top of the tower to see the stairs. Zahard may have given up, but Rachel hasn't.

Well that is enough about Rachel let us dive into Baam and what he represents. It is very common in movies and books to have someone that represents Christ. We seen this countless amount of times in Star Wars; Obi-Wan sacrificing himself so Luke and the gang can escape, Yoda teaching the ways of the force to Luke, and Anakin Skywalker being born without a father. Star Wars isn't the only franchise that does that Superman movies have portrayed the man of steel as Christ, Aslyan from Narnia is a Christ Figure, and every protagonist in Lord of the Rings is symbolic of Christ. In this Webtoon series Baam is the Christ figure. 


I have already talked a lot about the 12 tribes of Israel and how 10 of them became lost while two of them (Benjamin and Judah) didn't. Well Benjamin and Judah joined together and became known as the Jewish people. Jesus Christ was Jewish. I have stated earlier in the post that Baam's parents were the two tribes that were never lost which formed to become the Jews. Therefore, Baam is a representation of Jesus Christ.

This is not only the reason why Baam is a Christ figure. He also has unlimited potential and is able to do things that the family heads cannot. We know Christ performs many miracles through the priesthood. Also Christ is gathering Israel and I predict that Baam will gather the families together and climb to the top of the tower. 

In Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 it says "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." Baam also demonstrates what other souls mean to him. At one point in the series Baam is able to take souls and become stronger but instead he releases them.

SIU, the creator, is making Baam into a Christ like character, there are more similarities that I could share, but I don't want to sound sacrilegious because I believe in God and I believe in His Son Jesus Christ and I have the utmost respect for them. If you are looking for a fun series to read Tower of God is available on webtoons for free. I hope you enjoyed my fan theories.


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