Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sorting Power Rangers into Hogwarts Houses

(Guest Post by David B)

Power Rangers, probably among some of the most well known super heros of all time, have been around for near 30 years. I remember rushing home from school praying the bus would drive a little bit faster so I could run in and turn on the T.V. so I could see how the Rangers would once again thwart Rita Repulsa, Lord Zed, and all their monsters! With the release of the reboot just 2 years ago brought back memories I cherish! While watching with my children the other day, something Rita mentions got me to thinking: How would the Power Rangers be sorted into Hogwarts Houses? Please note that this sorting is pure opinion and that I am sorting the Rangers of the reboot.

Zack Taylor: Ravenclaw
Somewhat of the class clown of the Rangers team, Zack frequently has smart remarks and quick wit to relieve tense moments. He takes care of his mom as best as he knows how, leaning on what he's learned to get through each day.

Kimberly Hart: Slytherin
Kim shows us that she can be kiniving and underhanded, typical traits of many well known Slytherins, in her actions toward her former fellow cheerleader and also with Trini, if only briefly, before discovering the comand center. However, she learns to value friendship and humble herself in the end for the betterment of the team so that they can all meet their potential.

Billy Cranston: Hufflepuff
Fellow Hufflepuff Billy is actually sorted by Rita, herself! She comments on his loyalty while interrogating him on the location of the Zeo Crystal. Telling her does not show weakness, but rather his faith in his team. He proves his loyalty and saves their lives, even at the cost of his own, knowing that even if it makes things more difficult, they will overcome together what they can't do alone.

Trini Kwan: Ravenclaw
Sharing a house with Zack, Trini was slightly harder to sort. She doesn't say much but what she does say is thought out and profound. She shows wisdom beyond her years and sound intelligence in her developement.

Jason Scott: Gryffindor/Slytherin
Jason was the hardest to sort of all of them. He shows ambition through his rise to leadership. His bravery shines through as he takes necessary and calculated risks to do what is important. So, much like Harry Potter, I guess it will have to come down to where Jason asks the sorting hat to put him!

Do you agree with my sorting? What other traits do you see within each Ranger and where would you sort them?

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Heroes of Slytherin

A few months ago (after "Crimes of Grindewald") I did a post about the Heroes of Hufflepuff. As a proud Puff, we get disregarded by many fans (one of the reasons I love the "Fantastic Beasts" series). In that spirit of disproving stereotypes, I wanted to mention a few Slytherin heroes. Not all Slytherins are angry jerks or selfish villains. Selfishness isn't even a defining trait of Slytherin. Instead, their defining traits include ambition, resourcefulness, and cunning.

So here's to our cunning, resourceful snake friends.

Severus Snape
I have my opinions about Snape and the spotlight he gets among fans (I'll save that rant for later), but I would definitely consider him a hero. After losing the girl he loved, he secretly kept her son safe for almost 18 years. I can't exactly say that his motives for joining the Order or fighting against Voldemort were great, but he still made the choice to fight evil, even to the point of dying for it.

Regulus Black
We never actually saw Regulus in person, book or movie, but you could say he was instrumental in the downfall of Lord Voldemort. He found Slytherin's locket long before Dumbledore and Harry searched for it. Despite being a Death Eater, he tried to turn his life around and defeat Voldemort, dying in the attempt. I suppose Harry would have found the locket regardless of his efforts, but it doesn't make Regulus even less of a hero.

Horace Slughorn
He was hesitant to reveal his past with Tom Riddle, because of his shame. However, when it came down to it, he was loyal to Dumbledore and Hogwarts. Despite his pride and his Slug Club, what he cared about was his students. Unlike other Slytherins, he respected Muggle borns and Muggles. And after Voldemort attacked Hogwarts, he fought to defend the school from his former student.

Narcissa Malfoy
By no means is she a traditional hero, but in the end she put her family's safety above any other loyalties. While her family (including her husband, son, and sister) were close followers of Voldemort, her heart was with her family. When it came down to her sons safety or revealing Harry's survival, she chose to prioritize her motherhood and do what was needed to get into Hogwarts to rescue her son.

Leta Lestrange
She was the outcast among her peers, eventually leading her to relate to Newt Scamander and become his friend. Despite having many relatives that would follow Voldemort decades later, she sacrificed herself against another powerful evil wizard. Because of her sacrifice, Newt, Tina, and many others survived Grindewald's speech at the Lestrange Mausoleum. Perhaps she did it because of her inner pain and turmoil, but she still saved many lives by her sacrifice.

Any other Slytherin heroes that come to your mind? What stands out to you about these Slytherins?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Spoiler-Free Captain Marvel Review

As always, I’ll try to keep my review spoiler-free. If you’re super sensitive to spoilers, hang up now and just go buy your ticket. And stick around for BOTH credits scenes.

Overall I loved Captain Marvel. To be fair, it takes a lot for me to hate their movies. And it takes even more for me to say they’re bad. For a stand-alone movie, it was good. Avid MCU fans with enjoy it even more.

I struggled with the opening scenes. I couldn’t tell if I was being thrown into the middle of things on purpose or if Marvel was expecting me to know more about the Kree from the comics. It’s one of those scenes that I’m sure I’ll enjoy more the second time around. If a similar scene had taken place on earth, I’d have been ok. But an alien world was kind of hard to adjust to.

I enjoyed the appearances of established MCU characters. After 5 seasons of Agents of SHIELD, I liked seeing Coulson back in the movie universe. I couldn’t get over his 90s hair. I wish he’d have been more prominent in the movie. But then again, this is the 90s. He’d probably barely joined SHIELD.

Speaking of SHIELD, I liked 1990s Fury. I kept waiting for them to explain how he lost his eye. Regardless of his eyesight, I liked this version of Fury. He was very different from how he’s appeared since his first appearance in Iron Man. Then again, that’s 10+ years of SHIELD stuff in between.

I’m excited to see how Captain Marvel plays into “Endgame”. I think I’ve heard she’s connected to the Quantum Realm in the comic. So maybe she’s connected to Ant-Man, since that’s where we last left him.