Monday, March 30, 2020

Power Rangers Binge List: Mighty Morphin

The nostalgia is strong for 90's kids and one of the popular franchises we grew up with was Power Rangers. Most people I talk to who watch the show still have love for the original Power Rangers, but WOW talk about filler. Other than a handful of story arcs, the first three seasons of Power Rangers nothing but filler.

Since you've probably got ample time at home right now and all of Power Rangers is in Netflix, here's a binge list of important episodes that you'll actually care about. No filler needed.

1. Day of the Dumpster (1 episode - about 20 min)
The one where they become Rangers. You know the story: Rita gets unleashed, so Zordon recruits the original five Power Rangers to take her on. They also get their zords here. If you're doing the binge, you can't leave this one out.

2. Green With Evil (5 episodes - about 1 hour 40 min)
After a few defeats, Rita makes her own Ranger: Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. We all know him. He ends up being a Power Rangers legend. But first we have the original evil Ranger.

3. The Green Candle (2 episodes - about 40 min)
One of the few smart moves that Rita ever pulls. She uses her magic to take away Tommy's Green Ranger powers.

4. Birds of a Feather (1 episode - about 20 min)
This one is more optional, but it features Jason using Tommy's power coin for the first time. So that's kind of cool.

5. Return of an Old Friend (2 episodes - about 40 min)
One of the few times in early Power Rangers that we see parents. Rita captures them and uses them as leverage to get the power coins. So Zordon has to bring Tommy back with temporary powers.

6. The Mutiny (3 episodes - about 1 hour)
Season 2 premiere--not that season 1 had a proper finale. Lord Zedd boots Rita out and the Rangers have to step up their game by getting new powers and new zords.

7. Green No More (2 episodes - about 40 min)
After his powers slowly dissipated, this story finishes off that arc. Tommy loses his powers again, never to be seen again (jk, obviously).

8. White Light (2 episodes - about 40 min)
So after Tommy takes off for a while without his powers, this story bring him back in as the famous White Ranger to keep the Rangers from being outmatched by Lord Zedd.

9. The Ninja Encounter (3 episodes - about 60 min)
After some behind-the-scenes drama created some rifts between actors and production team, three Rangers had to be replaced. But first we had to introduce their replacements, who would be recurring characters until officially becoming Power Rangers. 

10. The Power Transfer (2 episodes - about 40 min)
Following a few episodes of no-so-subtle absences from Zack, Trini, and Jason, they take off for Europe and their powers get transferred to Adam, Aisha, and Rocky.

11. The Wedding (3 episodes - about 1 hour)
Ever since Lord Zedd claimed the palace, Rita was a bit AWOL, so this story brought her back in and teamed her up with her new husband to take down the Rangers.

12. Ninja Quest (4 episodes - about 1 hour 20 min)
After getting their powers taken away and their zords destroyed, the Rangers get new ninja powers from Ninjor.

13. A Different Shade of Pink (3 episodes - about 1 hour)
Kimberly gets an offer to be coached by a famous gymnastics coach, so Kat (who just finished up her introductory story arc) takes over as the Pink Ranger.

14. Rangers in Reverse (1 episode - about 20 min)
As a pseudo-finale for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this episode features Master Vile turning the world back and the Rangers become kids again. This episode leads directly into the 10-episode mini-series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (just watch all 10 episodes of that),

Depending on how long the so-called quarantine continues, don't be surprised if I come back with a binge list for the rest of the Zordon era of Power Rangers.

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