Friday, March 13, 2020

Pokemon Nicknames: Disney (Gen I)

I was never much of one for nicknaming my Pokemon when I was a kid, but in recent replays through Pokemon (especially since Pokemon Go came out) I’ve been finding little ways to make their names a little extra fun to look at, instead of just seeing “Pikachu” on my screen all the time. One of my favorites to do is Disney nicknames, just for the spread of names to use. Not all nicknames are equally awesome though (some are kind of just there… like my Virizion named Goofy). But there are some Disney nicknames that I’m a little too proud of. I’ve only included Generation I nicknames on this post, to avoid it getting too long, but look forward to more in the future.
Butterfree (or Beautifly) as Heimlich

Raticate (or Watchog) as Ratigan

Arbok as Jafar

Growlithe as Dug

Rapidash as Maximus

Gengar as Cheshire

Shiny Dragonite as Elliot

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