Friday, January 29, 2021

The Art of Fanart

 Fans will get it. 

Fanart is making art based on one's favorite franchises. Sometimes that means copying scenes, sometimes making up one's own headcannon for characters. But why would someone be compelled to make a piece that didn't come from their own heads? 

Fanart Through History
Technically fanart is anytime one story inspires enough passion in a person that they are compelled to add to that piece by creating their own addition. Look at the myriad of depictions of great battles, ancient heroes and myths found in Renessance art. It can be argued that Dante's Inferno and Paradise Lost are basically biblical fan fiction. The imagination of one person fuels the imagination of others, and fanart is the means to express that passion. 

Is There Bad Fanart?

Now, without getting into too much detail, there is fanart floating around that some may find... questionable. Maybe even offensive. I argue that offensive does not bad fanart make. If you see your favorite character in a situation or outfit that you don't agree with, spewing hatred towards the artist is not the appropriate response. Remember that fanart is a work of passion, and for some people their reaction will be different than yours. If you don't like a piece, move on from it. 

That being said, there is bad fanart. 

This fanart is that which plagurizes other artists. Comic conventions have seen this problem in artists alleys for years. And artist will download a piece either publicized from the original owner or somebody else's fanart, change a couple colors in Photoshop, then try to sell it as their own. This is where the bad fanart comes from. When it's not about the need to express a reaction to an experience and is instead a cash grab based on greed, that is bad fanart. 

To Make Your Own
Notice nowhere have I mentioned quality of work. You don't need to be Alex Ross or Davinci to make fanart, you just have to have a passion. Use a medium you're familiar with, be it painting, drawing, stitching, costuming ect and express yourself through it. Give yourself permission to not be perfect and you'll be surprised what you can do. It's the love of a character that makes fanart good, not how much Agumon looks like the original. Let your passion drive you and see what it feels like to express your fandom in a whole new way. 

Also please share it with us! 


P.S. All art used in this post is my own, characters belong to their respective franchises and companies. 

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