Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Released alongside Soul, Pixar's newest short Burrow tells the story of a young rabbit who wants to build her dream home, even though she has no real clue what she's doing. Yes, she's a dumb bunny. But here's the cool thing: rather than ask for help, this bunny literally digs herself deeper and deeper into trouble, until she hits rock bottom. Literally. Watching this with my Minecraft-raised children, they shouted, "NEVER DIG STRAIGHT DOWN!" They know. There are rules to digging!

So I can't help but watch any new media in terms of the pandemic and current events. And somehow, Pixar helps shine a light on my own personal situation. Burrow is no exception. When we move past the calming Oboe Concerto by Mozart, the animation that looks like it came straight from a Beatrix Potter or Richard Scarry book, and the fun Easter eggs (did you see Kitbull?), we are left with a timely message about community and reaching out. 

We can all related to that moment when the water breaks and our little rabbit has nowhere else to turn. And I'll admit to shedding a tear or two when she finally tells her story, becomes distraught, and covers her face with her ears. Oh, honey, there aren't ears long enough to cover your face when you feel like that. But it all turns around when the neighborhood menagerie shows up, equipped with shovels and goggles, ready to work. 

There's no shame in admitting your faults, in facing your weaknesses, and especially in asking for help. It's increasingly difficult to feel a part of your community when you are quarantined and literally hide from your neighbors. But people are finding new and creative ways to connect in this world. Because after all, we are not meant to burrow and hide ourselves underground; we are meant to have interconnected lives where we pitch in, help each other out, and face our own weaknesses.

And having a disco bathroom doesn't hurt, either.

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