Monday, June 29, 2020

10 Cuddliest Creatures in Fiction

Life's too hard. Let's focus on something nice for once.

That's pretty much all the premise this article needs.

10: Dex-Starr
A more obscure character for those not at least neck deep in DC Comics, this cosmic kitty is a dangerous member of the Red Lanterns. His fury is only matched by his tragic backstory. He's not an alien or a mutant, he's just a kitty who wants to be loved.

9: Appa
This strange six-legged flying bison was introduced to us in Avatar the Last Airbender, and immediately flew away with our hearts. He's a big friendly mode of transportation and best friend to Aang. His only real competition in his world is when we were treated to baby sky bisons in the sequel series Legend of Korra.

8: Snorlax
When we first ran into Snorlax sleeping in the road in the Kanto region, did any of us really want to wake him up? He's just sleeping there, living his best life in the afternoon sun. It's almost tempting to just hang the rest of the adventure and join him on his big soft belly.

7: Baymax
Specially engineered to be as friendly and cuddly as possible, Baymax is the perfect healthcare administrator. He heals wounds, can warm you up to stave off hypothermia, and is just a pleasant personality program to tell your woes to. Baymax will even read up on you woes to find the best way to help you deal with whatever your dealing with.

6: Baby Owlbear
Found in the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, owlbears have been around since near the beginning. They're large menacing creatures that are not to be taken lightly, unless they're cute little cubs. Found in some supplemental guides, adventurers lucky enough to come across one of these little darlings can train them to be powerful and loyal pets. While they'll be perfect in battle, they also make great places to sleep on the long road.

5: Tribbles
Seen first in the classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" and later in the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations", these parasites multiply incredibly fast, and if left unchecked can endanger starship operations. The reason they are kept though is because they're soft, furry and purr like cute little alien kitties.

4: Nibbler
The deceptively intelligent alien pet from Futurama, Nibbler is a three-eyed bundle of love (as long as he's not hungry). Nibbler is part of a race of powerful warriors tasked with defending the universe from the Brains and other cosmic terrors, but in between life saving missions they're always up to snuggle and put on cute outfits.

3: Niffler
Formally introduced to us in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, these little mole-like critters are attracted to shiny things, for better or worse. They only get to about the size of a house cat, and while cuddling up to you may be a rouse to get that fancy pocket watch they spotted earlier, it's still a nice cuddle for everyone involved. Plus if you can get the Niffler to fall asleep you may get access to its secret magic pouch and get some treasure of your own.

2: All Baby level Digimon
Digimon can be big scary monsters that look like they climbed out of a high school student's edgiest sketchbook, or they can be the cutest little critters to rival even the squishiest of Pokemon. Baby level Digimon, no matter what they turn into, are all like this. Cuddly, friendly and fun little balls of squish, that you almost don't want to Digivolve.

1: Totoro
Totoro from Ghibli studio's My Neighbor Totoro is the ultimate cuddle buddy. A forest spirit that protects children who are lost and in need of a friend, Totoro is there if you need an umbrella in the rain or a nap in the woods. Totoro is a big cat spirit ready to give you all the love you need, all you have to do is believe.

***Honorable Mention: Stitch***
Stitch, the adorable and lovable alien from Lilo and Stitch, would be on this list, except for the fact that while cuddling with him there would always be that nagging worry that at any moment he may try to destroy major cities, back up sewage lines, and steal everyone's left shoe. Stitch is cuddly, no doubt about it, but he's a little too unstable to make this list.

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