Friday, September 15, 2023

I Am Groot: Season 2

I was going to do a Creature Feature about Groot that was a whole page full of “I am Groot” with different variations of punctuation and pictures of Groot. That may still happen at some point (maybe for an April Fools post) but for today I just wanted to talk about the second season of I Am Groot. Last year Joe wrote about the first season and why we love Groot, so make sure you check that out, but one reason I like these is that even though they’re MCU canon, they’re just for fun. It’s doubtful that Groot’s bird or snowman will play a critical role in Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars, but Groot’s mini-adventures can bring you joy nonetheless. 

Are You My Groot?

This episode was especially relatable as a parent. Groot did everything he could to keep his new little bird baby out of trouble… only for more trouble to ensue. But then the bird finds his mommy in the end anyway, so it all ends well I guess. Also an apparent reminder of Disney’s obsession with dumb birds. 

Groot Noses Around

On a serious note, this episode makes me wonder how the heck Groot’s anatomy works if that fake nose gave him the sense of smell. Or maybe the nose was a special technology that enhanced the sense of smell? Either way, the important lesson that came from this episode was the importance of enjoying the little things in life. But then the relatable part of this short was ignoring your faults and problems to put some ease in your life.

Groot's Snow Day

This episode went from cute to holy creepy snowman to that’s cute. Robo-Snowman kind of reminds me of Calvin’s snowmen and of the ones from Doctor Who… but with alien technology. To be honest, if it were for cute Groot, this short could be the thing of nightmares to some viewers.

Groot's Sweet Treat

This episode Groot was me when I hear a patient has brought us a treat. Gotta get there quickly or you never know if the good stuff will still be around. Maybe that’s why I found myself thinking “Go Groot go! Hurry!” throughout the story. And then just as he’s succeeding…

Groot and the Great Prophecy

Bringing the Watcher in to narrate an episode of I Am Groot was brilliant and wonderfully added to the comedy (side note: Where is Season 2 of What If?). This legend or prophecy (whatever you want to call it) brings to mind thoughts about how I think I’m supposed to be doesn’t always line up with who I’m meant to be. Especially coming from a religious perspective, there’s an interesting overlap of the two concepts. But then again I try not to take these shorts too seriously, because it’s Groot.

So in conclusion, I am Groot. I am Groot! I am Groot; I am Groot. We are Groot!

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