Monday, September 25, 2023

What if Cradle became a Video Game?


artist: Sommer Skye

On August 15th, Will Wight, the creator of Cradle tweeted “The meeting went well” with no details. So of course, many fans were commenting and giving their hypotheses on what the meeting was about. Some think that the meeting was about making his work into a movie, TV show (animated and not). With the writer’s strike happening I doubt that is the case, unless it’s being made from a different country. I am one of the many others that believe that a video game adaptation of cradle will be in the works. 

artist: u/sugar_skye (Sommer Skye)

As I was thinking about the video game adaptation there were two games that I believe would be fun for this series: 1. A JRPG game where we play as the main characters from Cradle. 2. An action role-playing dungeon crawler game. Personally, I would like to have both types of games because I want to play as Lindon, but I would also like to be able to create my own character and have a choice for Iron Body and Path(s) (I would have to try splitting my core at least 5 times). 

artist: Sommer Skye

Even though these two games are different, there must be some constants that I want to happen in both games. For starters, Travis Baldree is a must. For those of you who are unaware, Travis Baldree is the narrator for the books, a voice actor, and a writer (his debut novel was Legends and Lattes). He should voice any character he wants to. If the game was a JRPG, then I would like him to voice Eithan or Dross; why not both. But if he wants to voice a different character, he should have first pick. Second, relating to voice actors, I believe we should have an array of diverse voice actors. I feel like most anime style shows use the same actors and if this is a video game then we should get a fresh batch of actors with cultural diversity. Third, I would want to see gnome easter eggs throughout the game since the books are published by hidden gnome (Will Wight’s publishing company). Finally, the game should not be made by EA. I am still not a fan of them since the release of Star Wars BattleFont II

If the game is a JRPG I would expect us to play as Lindon for most of the time. In a typical JRPG when the character is roaming around there are side conversations that happen. As we play as him wondering around the world, I would want him to talk to himself quoting bloopers that can be found at the end of the book, breaking the fourth wall. I want those side conversations to be bloopers and they can involve other main characters like Yerin. Also, I would want the game to have beautiful scenery like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild or Xenoblade. I want the game to be story driven following the events of the series, but I also want only a lot of fun side quests that can be repeated. Like facing a Gold Dragon that keeps getting stronger with each encounter. 

If the game is like an action role-playing dungeon crawler game, the graphics wouldn’t have to be as good as the JRPG, but if it was that would be awesome. I would imagine the game being like Torchlight or Path of Exile with MMO skill trees that are complex. I want a wide variety of options for iron bodies and paths, and I want certain paths to be earned and difficult to obtain. However, if you must obtain a path then I would want to be able to reset or restart my character once the path is unlocked. 

artist: Sommer Skye

I don’t know what Will Wight has in store for us in the future or what his meeting was about, but I hope it’s a video game adaptation. It very well could be a meeting about his upcoming kickstarter for special edition books 4-6 in the series. What do you hope the meeting was about?

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