Friday, August 18, 2023

Cosmere Deckbuilding Game


Artist: Katie Payne

It has recently been announced that Brandon Sanderson Cosmere creation is being made into a deckbuilding game by Brotherwise Games. As you are aware Brotherwise Games are well known for their Call to Adventure game. They have adapted the game for Stormlight Archive and Kingkiller Chronicles. Personally, I have not yet had the experience to play any of their games, but I approve of how they made some of my favorite books into board games.

In this post I will go over how I hope the Cosmere deckbuilding game will turn out and how it will probably turn out. This is all speculations I am a board/card game enthusiast and I have hopes.

I would like the Cosmere deckbuilding game to be played as a collectable card game (CCG) like Magic the Gathering or Pokémon but without the need to keep buying pack to get new cards. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the youth inside me would really appreciate opening a pack of Cosmere cards hoping to get Blackthorn, but my wallet and You Need a Budget life keeps reminding me I am broke and will forever be broke. Therefore, I would want CCG game mechanics without the collecting aspect. Luckily Brotherwise Games announced this to be a deckbuilding game not a CCG. I want the deckbuilding game to be a competition with my opponent and not a cooperation.

Artist: Guy Horsfall

So, I want multiple decks each representing one world and we can combine two or three worlds into one deck for a space battle if only two people were playing. If there were more than 3 people then each player would have their own world. One group can be Ghostbloods while the other team could be world hoppers, etc. You battle each other to determine which Shards are the strongest.

I would want the game mechanism to be like Magic the Gathering where instead of tapping lands for mana you must tap worlds for investiture to perform an ability or attack. The players represent one of the sixteen shards and when the players health is depleted then the opponent wins his shard and gains dominance over the Cosmere.

This is how I would like the game to turnout, but usually deckbuilding games are co-op. 

When I think of deckbuilding games, I think of Marvel Legendary. Where multiple players (or single player) face an enemy. Like in Legendary you would combine different decks which would represent  different worlds into one large deck. Each card in the deck would have a character that the player could buy or persuade to join World Hoppers to defeat one of the evil Shards. Each buyable character would be stronger than the base deck that the players gets, and they will have abilities to help make your personal deck stronger. As the players’ personal deck becomes strong enough and the team’s dynamics are right then they could defeat the Shard preventing it from taking over the Cosmere.

Artist: Uknown

I love Legendary, but I already own a fun copy of the game and I don’t need another game that is like it. I hope the deck building game will surprise me and I hope that it will be fun. Luckily, with the game expected to be released in November 2024, I have time to raise my funds for the release of the game. The game release date should be the same time that Stormlight 5. What release are you more exited for and why is it Stormlight 5?

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