Friday, August 25, 2023

You Need to Read Cradle!

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I was told a few years ago by a trustworthy friend that I should read the series Cradle. I put it on my to-read list on Goodreads (follow me on Goodreads), but I waited years to read the series. To be fair I looked for it at my local library and they didn’t have a copy nor did BYU or any bookstores that I visted. Anyways, recently the author, Will Wight, posted on Twitter that all his ebooks were free for a day because of the upcoming novel (the last book in Cradle). So, I got all eleven books for free and another book from a different series he is writing. Let me tell you, I have enjoyed reading these books to the point that I debated if I should read the newest secret project from Brandon Sanderson or continue the series. I have been upset at myself for taking so long to start reading the series. I should have paid for the books and read them sooner. . . . I blame my friend. It’s his fault for not forcing me to read it sooner.

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To give you some background about this series; these are self-published and sold on Amazon. That explains why I couldn’t find them in stores or at a local library because they usually don’t support self-published authors. I don’t know the details of why they are self-published nor can I tell that they are. 

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Cradle is Chinese inspired level up fantasy. Imagine a book about the origins of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan and how they trained to become strong fighters. That is how this series is with an RPG aspect to it. If you like any RPG video games like Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts where the characters get stronger over encounters and training this book is similar. Cradle also gives off an anime feel to it. So, if you like Naruto, Dragon Ball, or any power up Animes then you will like this too.

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The story follows Lindon, an underdog, a person that no one in his village would train and give resources to to become stronger because his spiritual energy (madra) is too weak. There is no point in training someone that is crippled. Even though his madra is low his determination is high, and he embarks on adventures to show his worth. 

To frame how weak he is let me explain how the level system works. If a character obtains so much madra they advance to the next rank. While kids around 10 advances to the second stage he is left at the first stage in his mid-teens. Those on a higher level usually defeat the weaker levels easily. Therefore, Lindon is used to losing to 10-year-olds.

What I really enjoy about this series is the main character stays weak and struggles facing his opponents. He relies on stronger characters to face the main antagonist. Each character gets a spotlight and shows how strong they are while he is catching up. I really appreciate it because it relies on other characters’ strengths and weaknesses. Unlike typical anime’s where one character always faces the main boss, this series gives the supporting characters a place to shine.

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I almost forgot to tell you my favorite part of each book. At the end of each novel there is a blooper section where different events could have occurred in the story. It usually makes me laugh. I just wish it was sub-scripted at the end of the chapter where the other event could have occurred instead of the end of the book.

The series is a fun adventure and so far very clean. If this seems like something you would be interested in, you can find all the books on Amazon here.

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