Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Real Secret Invasion was my Expectations

Back when I watched Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I looked forward to the Secret Invasion saga, as my brother had told me about it. There were some parts I thought could have been better, but overall I enjoyed it. So when Marvel announced they were doing a Disney Plus series for Secret Invasion, I was excited and immediately expected greatness. That was my first mistake. Expectations.

I’ve said in previous Marvel reviews (like Love and Thunder, for example) that the reason people like to complain about what Marvel puts out is because of their own expectations. Never having read the comics, I’ve been free to enjoy the content of She-Hulk, WandaVision, and other post-Endgame epics without comparing them to the source content. But with Secret Invasion, I had Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to compare.

I guess there were just a few parts of the version I’d seen that felt integral to the story, but weren’t present in the MCU. For example, I remember it being a much bigger deal in Earth's Mightiest Heroes to find the missing heroes. There was a whole saga of trying to find the real Cap and everyone. Of course they wouldn’t use Steve Rogers on this one, but they could have easily used Rhodey. We also didn’t get Fury’s Secret Warriors. Come on! Where’s my girl Quake? I had seen theories that Daisy Johnson would become Fury’s right hand after Hill’s death, but nope.

But again. Expectations. If I’d never seen Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (or if I’d been able to let go of my expectations) maybe I’d have enjoyed the MCU version more. As a spy thriller, it was intriguing and engaging. The conspiracy and uncertainty kept me coming back each week. I loved how they explained what Fury has been up to since the Blip. That being said, he was a different kind of Fury and I’m still not sure if I like the change. The only part of the spy thriller aspect that I have an honest issue with is the final battle.

So G'iah ended up being Super Skrulled and fighting Gravik. The fight itself was actually pretty great. But it started suddenly and ended pretty abruptly. For how much build-up there was, I expected it to last longer I guess. Meanwhile, Fury talks his way out of the stand-off with the President… and then the President decides to turn the country (and probably a good chunk of the world) against the Skrulls. And we still don’t have confirmation of a season 2. Or a movie sequel. It could have led into an “Avengers: Secret Invasion” film. Instead, we had one or two named characters as Skrulls and then we wrapped up the story.

No “Avengers: Secret Invasion” on the horizon as far as I know. Just Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars… I’ve seen Secret Wars in the 90s Spider-Man series and in Disney’s Avengers Assemble. I’ll start now to keep my expectations down. I mean I suppose we'll get G'iah and Sonya teaming up at some point.

I just have one question: How long were Ross and Rhodey in there?

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