Monday, August 7, 2023

The Failure of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Growing up I never watched the cartoon Transformers however I do remember watching Beast Wars and I thought it was awesome! Animal robots that transform, what more could a kid ask for (probably cars that transform). I haven’t rewatched the series since being a kid, but I vaguely remember some things that occurs. It starts off in the future from the original Transformers series and Optimus Primal, named after Optimus Prime, takes his team to the past. I remember liking Tigatron because who doesn't like tigers? I remember Tigerhawk working for Predacons (bad guys) then converting over to the Maximals (good guys) and brought Blackarachnia along. Anyways when I heard that Transformers: Rise of the Beasts was coming out I was excited for the Maximals to return.


I recently watched the movie and I thought it was a good Transformer movie but not a good Beast Wars movie. There were some expectations that I had that weren't met. Like the Maximals. They didn’t show up until the halfway point. The movie introduced a new main human protagonist and his struggling life which is good for a movie, but this is a Transformers movie not a I can’t pay my bills drama movie. I wanted to see the Maximals arrive on earth and migrate in the culture. I wanted them to transform more than once. I wanted Optimus Primal to lead Optimus because this is a beast wars movie. I wanted the story to focus on the maximals and autobots not the humans.  

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They also gave more screen time to a new Autobot named Mirage who is more present than Optimus Prime. Mind you Mirage was not a bad character but if this was a Rise of the Beasts then why did an Autobot have more screen time than the Maximals? so frustrating!

I think the point where I got most frustrated was when they introduced the Maximals for the first time and Tigatron wasn’t there; just kidding. . . Kinda. The frustration did come at that scene but what bothered me more was this was the only point when Cheetor and Rhinox spoke. Yes you heard me right they only spoke once. I remember Cheetor being a blabber mouth in the series yet in the movie he hardly spoke. They were supposed to be the reason for us to watch it hence why they added beast in the title. 

That is enough of me complaining about how disappointed I am with the movie. I truly think the movie was a decent Transformers movie (for someone that has never seen the show), if this didn’t involve the maximals. The plot of Noah trying to get a job to take care of his family helped me be invested in his character, Mirage and Noah friendship seemed plausible, and the burden Optimus Prime had trying to get home and becoming leader he is meant to become was good.  


If you like Transformers then I would recommend this movie, however if you are looking for a Beast Wars movie better luck next time. 

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