Monday, March 13, 2023

6 Times You were Disgust from Inside Out

When you think of Pixar's Inside Out, thoughts probably come to mind about Sadness or Bing Bong (or that gum commercial). And while it is a sweet, heartwarming (and heartbreaking) story of a girl, depression, and the death of her imaginary friend (seriously, Bing Bong disappearing made me cry). It's also the story of the three emotions who got left behind at HQ. And with St. Patrick's Day coming up this week, I wanted to take about one of those three: Disgust. Here are six ways Disgust is the most relatable of the emotions.

If you're being actually immature or offensive, yeah, you should get your act together. But if you just enjoy kid stuff, I will direct you to one of my previous blog posts. 

Sometimes my face just speaks for itself when I'm having a bad mental health day.

Anytime someone talks about a new diet plan or a weird trendy food that's supposed to be good for you.

Some smells (and people) should stay at home.

I'm not a fashion guru, but I enjoy an outfit that makes me feel good.

I start seeing patients at 7AM on Monday mornings... that's too early for my brain.

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