Wednesday, March 15, 2023

My Cabbages!

Out of all the tragic characters in Avatar the Last Airbender, there is on who is the most dire, the Cabbage Merchant. He is the one character that fans can’t forget. He only appears in only a handful of episodes, but his memorable catchphrase while hilarious mishaps happen will never be forgotten. In this post we will explore the Cabbage Merchant’s funniest moments. 

This character is more than a typical merchant, he is The Cabbage Merchant. The only man in the series to sell such priceless vegetables. He travels faster than Aang and the gang to new cities, where is prized possessions will ultimately be destroyed. As you recall his catchphrase “My cabbages!” has such fervor that it’s hard not to laugh at. Whether he’s being trampled by a herd of bison or chased by the Fire Nation soldiers, his first concern is always his precious cabbages.

What truly makes the Cabbage Merchant truly funny is his incredible bad luck. He’s like a walking disaster, always in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter where the Cabbage Merchant goes, Aang and his allies show up. Of course with these two together chaos ensues, and the Cabbage Merchant ends up getting caught in the middle. His poor cabbages are destroyed, and he's left creaming “My cabbages!”

I thought that the Cabbage Merchant had bad luck just with Aang and his team, but I was wrong. In one episode he was trying to sell his cabbages in Omashu, only to find that the city has been taken over by the Fire Nation. He tried to escape, but he was caught by the Fire Nation. Just as things couldn’t get any worse, the city’s pet bear, who proceeded to wreak havoc to the enemy and his cabbages. . . It’s a pure gold scene seeing the Cabbage Merchant’s expression of horror and disbelief on what is occurring with his cabbages.

Even though the Cabbage Merchant has one memorable line, it doesn’t make him a one-dimensional character. Most of the time he is shown to be comedic, but he was also shown to have sympathy. . . towards his cabbages. He’s cabbages were his livelihood, and he takes their destruction very seriously. In one episode, he even breaks down in tears when his cabbages are ruined yet again. It’s a touching moment that shows that even the funniest characters can have depth.


In the first episode where the Cabbage Merchant is introduced we learn the value he has for his precious cabbages. When Aang and his posse destroy his cabbages for the first time and face trail the Cabbage Merchant wants retribution. To him the only justice is "Off with their heads, one for each cabbage". Yes, the Cabbage Merchant wants the Avatars head for destroying his cabbages. To be fair he doesn't know that Aang is the Avatar at this moment, but we all know it doesn't matter who destroyed his cabbages because a cabbage his priceless to him.

Remember: “My Cabbages!”

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