Monday, March 27, 2023

Gilmore Girls Workout

If you want to be like the Gilmore Girls, this workout (and working out in general) might not be for you. But if you’re wanting to burn a few calories to balance out the calories from your Gilmore-esque takeout, turn on an episode of Gilmore Girls and try this workout. 

  • Theme song plays - Push-ups 30 seconds
  • Someone drinks coffee - Crunches 15 seconds
  • Someone visits Luke’s Diner - 10 reps jumping jacks
  • Friday night dinner scene begins - 10 reps mountain climbers 
  • Rory appears, reading a book - Tricep dips 15 seconds
  • Lorelai talks about junk food - 10 reps leg raise 
  • Emily says something snarky - Wall Sit 30 seconds
  • Town meeting scene begins - High knees 10 sec
  • Lane talks about music or church - Squats 15 seconds
  • A troubadour sings a song - Calf raises 30 seconds

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