Wednesday, March 8, 2023

5 Favorite Harry Potter Head-Canons

So while hoards of you are out there playing Hogwarts Legacy, I’m sitting here, Switch-less, listening to my Harry Potter audiobooks. Now as I near the end of Half-Blood Prince, it’s probably as good a time as any to do a Harry Potter post. Like any popular fandom, there are countless head-canons to daydream about. Here are a few of my favorites.

Harry is the heir of Gryffindor

Back when I started reading Harry Potter (circa 2002) I was enthralled by the plethora of speculation on internet message boards (anyone else member those?), waiting for Order of the Phoenix to come out. Before we ever found out he was the Chosen One, people were theorizing that he was the heir of Gryffindor. Perfectly paired against the heir of Slytherin. While this theory never came to fruition in the series, it was also never disproven. So to me Harry will always be Godric Gryffindor’s heir... unless maybe Neville is the heir of Gryffindor? Wouldn't that be a twist?

Voldemort’s appearance changing 

I heard this on the podcast “Tales from Godric’s Hollow” (an old episode from years ago), but the question was posed as to why Voldemort’s appearance became snake-like. Seriously though. How did handsome young Tom Riddle turn into snake-man? The idea was posed (and it’s now head-canon) that the dark acts that Tom did started having a physical manifestation. In the podcast episode, they compared it to the player in Fable, if you remember that game. You could also compare it to the Wicked Witch on Once Upon a Time.

Newt gave Aragog to Hagrid 

Depending on how the Fantastic Beasts franchise progresses (I’m seriously worried that Secrets of Dumbledore was turned into their unofficial finale), we could honestly see this happen. I wrote about it once before, but I would seriously love for young Hagrid to show up in Fantastic Beasts and meet Newt Scamander. With Newt’s love of all creatures, he’d be the perfect person to give Aragog to Hagrid. Until this head-canon is proven false, it’ll be true in my head.

Molly was shouting in book one to get Harry’s attention 

I saw this one on a meme and I completely believe it. If you haven’t seen it, basically the reason Molly Weasley is shouting about Platform 9 ¾ and muggles (despite having attended herself and dropped off kids for about ten years) was because she saw a lost boy with a trunk and owl. She probably assumed he was a confused muggleborn, so she tried to make herself obnoxiously heard to get his attention. That’s just how Mama Weasley does things.

The entire plot of Puffs

Other than a few ways the functionality of magic works in the play, there is no reason that Puffs couldn’t be considered a head-canon. The writers of the play were very careful not to contradict anything from the books and other canon sources. So now as I read about Zacharias Smith and Justin Finch-Fletchley, all I can picture is Nick Carillo. To read more about Puffs, check out the blog post I did about it.

Other than a head-canon I’ve already written about regarding House-Elves and Santa Claus, these five head-canons should suffice for today. If you have any fun head-canons (Harry Potter or any other franchise), let us know and they can be featured in future blog posts. But for now…

Mischief managed.

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