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The Reckoners: A Superhero Series


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Move over, superpowers, normal people are taking the spotlight.

With Superheroes being the highlight of all media, it is time to talk about an underappreciated work of Brandon Sanderson, The Reckoners. I can hear some of you shout “There is no underappreciated work by Brandon Sanderson” and to that I say “you’re right, but this is not as well known as his other fantasies.”

What if Superman came to earth and enslaved mankind becoming a unruly dictator. What if All might (My Hero Academia) joined forces with All for one and enslaved the world. What if Samwise Gamgee took the ring for himself. That is what this series explores what if all superheroes were evil. Which makes this franchise different from transitional superhero movies. Like the show “The Boys”, The Reckoners follow a similar avenue but unlike “The Boys” it is clean and more family friendly. 

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The story takes place after the world changed when the glowing red light appeared in the sky (known as Calamity) which gave normal people superhuman powers and abilities. Those with supernatural abilities came to be referred as Epics. With great power comes some sort of weakness. At first, they thought this was a gift, but soon after Calamity took place a collapse of the hierarchy occurred when the Epics decided to take over the world.


The protagonist, David Charleston, is a normal human being with no superpowers. He has been imprisoned for ten years being ruled by Steelheart, one of the most powerful villains in the world. David is in search of Steelhearts weakness so he can have retribution for what Steelheart did at the bank when he declared himself ruler of Newcago (formally known as Chicago). He has been plotting his revenge for over ten years and his only chance of succeeding is joining the Reckoners, a group of quirkless humans who kill Epics. With the help of the Reckoners, they set off to kill Steelheart.

I like how the series explores technology vs superheroes. Showing how advance  we have to be to be able to overcome someone that can deny physics so easily. Also, it explores racism. David hates Epics, but are all epics evil? How are there no good epics? The only way you will find out is by reading the series or googling it. I encourage anyone that still loves superhero movies to give this series a try. The first book is great, the novella was insightful, and I am excited to read the next book.

One of David’s famous traits is his horrible metaphors. So, for the rest of this article I will share with you some of his metaphors without giving any context. Enjoy! 


  • Gorilla at your wedding
  • More useless than a bagful of snakes at a dance competition
  • Brick made of porridge
  • It’s like a banana farm for guns!
  • Gorilla at your buffet
  • It would be like finding out that you'd drawn lots for dessert at the Factory and been only one number off, only it didn't matter because Pete already snuck in to steal the dessert, so nobody was going to get any anyway - not even Pete, because it turns out there had never been any dessert to begin with
  • Like a cyborg from the future with the skin ripped off. Only, you know, not murderous. Or, well, alive at all

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