Monday, October 2, 2023

LDS Geeks Podcast #3: Chrono Cross

Rob and I got to talk about our love for Chrono Cross, Rob as a long time fan of Chrono Cross, and  me as a newcomer to the Chrono universe of games. I hope you enjoy episode 3 of the podcast.


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Show notes:
0:22 - Introductions
0:51 - Michael's Recommendation: Cradle series by Will Wight
        "You Need to Read Cradle!" by Michael
        "What if Cradle became a Video Game?" by Michael
2:54 - Rob's Recommendation: Another Eden
        "Another Eden" by Rob
6:29 - What is Chrono Cross?
10:20 - Chrono Cross visuals and music
14:16 - The First Act"
15:11 - Story Summary
20:21 - Recruiting Characters
22:50 - Conclusion

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