Monday, October 30, 2023

Kingdom Hearts: 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage


artist: Gaozme

This title is the weirdest title for me. Kingdom Heart: 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage (KHBBS 0.2) takes place before Kingdom Hearts I (KHI) and after Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (KHBBS). I think this title has 0.2 in it because of that; 0 because it happens before KHI and 2 because it is the second Birth by Sleep game. 

Before I get into the summary of the story I want to share with you my experience playing the game. In a previous post I said that KHBBS was one of my favorite games because the game mechanics were the best. This game has the same game mechanics and that made me so happy. We play as Aqua after the events that happened in KHBBS and she starts off at level 50 with the strongest magic attacks/healings. The graphics of the game are better than all the previous HD remastered games/movies I have watched. The shadows don’t pixelate and there are finger nails. So much better than before. The only downside is the main story is only 2.5 hours long. Even though the gameplay is short the story is important and good, like most games.

After the events that took place in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (KH3D). Yen Sid wants to prepare for Xehanort by getting seven wielders of light. So far they have three (Sora, Riku, and King Mikey) and two potential candidates in training (Axel and Kairi). Yen Sid wants to recruit the three that were fallen 10 years ago during the events of KHBBS (Aqua, Terra, and Ventus). Mickey explains that he came across Aqua and that she has been dwelling in the Realm of Darkness. Then we flash back to Aqua’s perspective on what has been happening to her over the years.

During Aqua’s time in the Realm of Darkness she lost track of time because time doesn’t exist in this realm. She becomes discouraged because she has been alone for a long time, but she keeps fighting because she wants to protect her friends Terra and Ventus. During her time there she thought she saw them and chased after them through most of the gameplay. Eventually, she catches up to them and learns that they are illusions conjured by Terra illusion. Which makes sense because she left Ventus’ soulless body somewhere safe. Terra explains that he hasn’t been in control of his body for all these years because he is controlled by Xehanort. As the converse Xehanort takes over Terra and learns that Aqua hid Ventus in Castle Oblivion. 

After their confrontation a dark portal consumes Aqua and she is rescued by Mickey who is in search for a keyblade of the dark realm so he and Sora can seal the door to a lesser Kingdom Hearts from the first game. She aids Mickey in his travels and recollects that she has met Sora and Riku before. After Mickey gets the keyblade and before he gets to the doorway that he is going to seal Aqua is taken by the Heartless causing Mickey to follow Riku (who is also in that realm) to close the door. 

Flashforward to the present Yen Sid committed to train Kairi and Axel while instructing Sora, who failed his Mark of Mastery and lost his powers in the process to find a certain hero who once lost his power and reclaimed it. The events from KHII prevent Sora, Donald, and Goofy from using gateways to Olympus Coliseum. Pondering how to get their Goofy recites the phrase “Let your heart be your guiding key”. With that statement Sora uses his key and enters a gateway that emerges. 

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the game yet I was sad how quickly it ended. Before I end this post can I just say that “Let your heart be your guiding key” doesn’t make sense? When has a key led you somewhere? I think let your key unlock your guiding heart would make better sense. Anyways, what is your favorite video game?

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