Wednesday, October 4, 2023

FanX 2023 Scavenger Hunt

Photo: FanX

I had a great opportunity to attend FanX in Utah and let me tell you if you are nerdy and have an opportunity to attend do so there is much to be seen. This year I noticed new additions that usually don’t take place. For example, the Utah planetarium was there as well as NASA. The planetarium performed a chemistry magic show which, as a chemist, I was excited for. However, when I went to it, the show lasted only 10 minutes with three experiments being shown. As someone that does chemistry magic shows, I know that I can perform a longer show that stays exciting. Hopefully next year will be better. 

Kid-Friendly Elephant Toothpaste Demo

Photo: Anne Marie Helmenstine

Besides the chemistry magic show and NASA there were a variety of panels of people enthusiastic in nerd culture as we are. It was nice to have conversations with other people that have similar interests that I don’t normally share or talk to others about. 

How to Ride TRAX 

Photo: Utah Transit

If you are social and want some fun take the train to FanX. For me when I took the train most of the people on the train were heading to FanX and a lot of people were dressed up and it was so cool talking to all these fans of diverse genres. Also, the train conductor embraced the culture by speaking in Klingon from Star Trek and gave helpful instructions on when to get off the train.

To me and presumably most people attending, the best part of FanX is the cosplay. Similar to Comic Con Bingo I wanted to do a scavenger hunt. I know that FanX has a scavenger hunt, but I wanted a fun one that involved the cosplayers at the convention. So, my lovely nerdy wife created one and for the rest of this post will show you my scavenger list and who I found that fits it.

1. Someone dressed as a character from a book that has NOT been made into a movie 

Mistborn (Vin)
Vin: Maelynn

2. Someone you know out of costume

Star Trek (Red shirt)
Name: Who cares he's a red shirt they just die. 

3. Most creative costume 

Caroline Jones, Vampire, and Taako
insta: qweenbeecosplay

Left Picture: Pirate Disney Princess
Arial: Katie
Belle: Claire
Right Picture: Collection of Star Wars
Krayt Clan

4. Someone dressed as an animal, place, or vehicle

Agrestsuko (Retsuko and Haida)
Instagram: Bluefates16

5. Best makeup 

Inuyasha (Sesshomaru and Inuyasha) 
Sesshomaru: littlechey baby
Inuyasha: Allenchai cosplay

6. Doctor Who character 

Dr. Who
10th doctor: Emily Bryson (@bluehuskey insta: @queenbeecosplay)

7. Someone dressed up as a character from a movie that is not based on a book

Left Picture: Nightmare before Christmas
Jack Skellington: Shaen lond
Right Picture: Emperor's New Groove
Kronk: Neal Rodgers

8. Someone dressed as an animated character

Hunter X Hunter (Gon and Killua)
Gon: Alyssa Felt (@alyssaFelt)
Killua: Sarah Felt

9. Someone who doesn't do the dressing up thing

Me: Michael Davenport

10. Someone in a costume that your spouse would totally wear   

Beauty and the Beast (Belle)
insta: haydoll.projects 

Harry Potter (Mad-eye-Moody, Professor Sprout, and Hagrid)
insta: durrantgang

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