Monday, December 12, 2022

Pokemon Nicknames: Narnia (Gen I-III)

Like with her older sister before her, I've been making a point of reading from The Chronicles of Narnia to my unborn daughter. As I'm reading and watching/playing Pokemon, I've had some thoughts pop into my mind about another series of Pokemon nicknames. This time, we're going through the Poke-Wardrobe to see what we've got in Poke-Narnia.

Raticate as Reepicheep

Rapidash as Bree (or Hwin)

Dragonite as Eustace

Murkrow as Sallowpad

Ursaring as Bulgy Bear

Linoone as Trufflehunter

Lombre as Puddleglum

Gardevoir as Jadis

Jirachi as Ramandu

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