Friday, December 9, 2022

Yondu Stole Christmas?

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special follows the same troupes that we enjoy from previous movies but is not memorable. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed what I watched, and it helped me realize that I have forgotten a lot from the previous volumes like Mantis being Peter's sister. Even though I enjoyed that this movie focuses more on two of the funniest characters Mantis and Drax there was nothing special stood out to me like some of the better Marvel movies.

The story starts off with a flash back of Peter in his youth wanting to celebrate Christmas. Yondu, being the grinch, stole his Christmas. Then the special transition to the present to Mantis hearing this story and wants to give her brother his best Christmas ever by bring him his hero; Kevin Bacon. Drax comes along with her as the kidnap Kevin Bacon for Quill.


Like all Guardians of the Galaxy the comedy of the movie is a highlight. I enjoyed Mantis and Drax dynamics. Watching them is like playing with your favorite sibling. You know that they are going to get into trouble, and they are going to enjoy every minute of it until they are caught.

When Drax and Mantis fly to earth everyone is staring at them and Mantis gets upset that Drax did not turn on the cloaking device on the ship that she told him to do. I think I enjoyed this scene because it showed that their relationship is not romantic, but more of a sibling relationship with one being serious while the other one is enjoying pushing buttons.

The best comedic moment was after they captured Kevin Bacon; Mantis and Drax find out that Kevin Bacon is not the hero Quill made him out to be, he has the most abdominal job being an actor. When they find this out, they are disgusted with him, and brain wash him to be the hero that Quill described him as.


There were a couple of Christmas songs that were made for the special. I liked the first song called “I Don’t Know What Christmas Is” because it’s an interpretation of what skeptical people would deduce if they heard about Santa Claus for the first time. 

He’s a master burglar

A pro at pickin’ locks

If you don’t leave milk and cookies out

He will put dung in your socks

The other song that was sung by Kevin Bacon called “Here it is Christmas time” and it was not as clever as the previous song. It is a more serious song, but it felt out of place due to the comedic nature that this series brings. It’s like taking Netflix’s Daredevil series which has a serious tone and making it into a comedy . . . .


The plot of the movie is nothing special. I believe the producers intended it to be this way so nothing substantial is missed if people chose to skip it and watch the the 3rd volume that is coming out next year.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the plot of the movie is Mantis wanting to give Peter Quill a special Christmas. She thinks that Peter would reject her if she told him her secret about being his sibling. So, she sets off to bring him Kevin Bacon for Christmas.

All in all, this was a not a special special. There was one good song and a couple of good laughs, but it is not the best that guardians of the galaxy have shown us. If you have an hour to waste and you want to watch something new, then give this a shot or watch a new show. Watching this made me excited for the next volume to come out next year because I know that it is going to be better than this.

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