Friday, December 30, 2022

Goal Setting with Calvin and Hobbes

I’ve made my thoughts about New Years and resolutions plain in the past, so I don’t think I need to beat that dead horse. However, if you want to set a resolution and don't know where to start, I have some tips, based on the wisdom of the one and only Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes.

Pick something that sounds nice, but doesn’t change you.

The most basic way to make sure you achieve your New Year’s resolution is to aim low. Want to spend less time on social media? Delete the app you spend the least time on (for me that’d be Pinterest). Or if you’re someone like Calvin with no filter, you could always go for the “expressing yourself more” option.

“The world [ought to change] to suit me.”

If the low hanging fruit of goals doesn’t appeal to you, denial and victimhood is always an option. After all, maybe you don’t need to change. We live in a crazy world where we’re bombarded with opinions of others and their emotions. So why not play the victim and wait for the world to change before you start changing yourself? 

Logic yourself out of the need to change.

Or maybe, in this world of accepting your true self and self-affirmation, you don’t really need to change. Plus we live in a world where truth and values are relative anyway, so who’s to say you need to change? Why not stay exactly as you are?

“Wing it and see what happens.”

All else fails, you can always just say your resolution is to go with the flow more. In doing so, you don’t really need to do anything except continue life as you are. Maybe you’ll improve and better yourself? Or maybe you’ll coast through 2023 as safely as ever?

In the end, I suppose it’s only because of tradition that we make resolutions right? No need to make any life changing or transforming goals. Just whatever will make life easy right?

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