Friday, December 23, 2022

Friday Creature Feature - Holiday Armadillo

When Ross learned he’d have his son for the holidays, he got excited to teach Ben about Hanukkah. Being six-years-old at the time, Ben was just bummed that they wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas (really, Ross? Why not just celebrate both?). To try to repair the holiday for his son, Ross ran out to get a Santa costume. And that’s how the Holiday Armadillo came into being.

The Holiday Armadillo is possibly one of the most iconic outfits from ten years of Friends, especially when it comes to the holiday season. So despite being outshone in the story by Chandler (as Santa Claus) and Joey (as Superman), the Holiday Armadillo lives rent-free in our hearts.

He’s Santa’s self-proclaimed representative for all the southern states and Mexico. So it’s a little random that he’d be in Manhattan. But then again, it’s random that the costume store even carried an armadillo costume. It’s also just about as random as an armadillo having Jewish heritage (Monica was right to question that part of his backstory).

I think we still love the Holiday Armadillo over two decades later because of how whimsical his inception was. Whimsy is so often the name of the game with Friends. I could use more whimsy in my life. So while Ross is often the worst, he shines as the Holiday Armadillo, as he always does as a father. So enjoy Christmas and don’t forget to check out the Holiday Armadillo.

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