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Character Spotlight: Organization XIII

This post we will examine Organization XIII members up too Kingdom Heart II. They are a group of thirteen (fourteen if you count Xion, which most members of the organization do not) nobodies who lost their hearts to Darkness. Features of the organization are they have an “x” in their name. Some have scrambled there previous life's name and added an "x". For instance, Axel former life was Lea, and Roxas is Sora. They also wear a black hooded coat. A nobody is made when a heart is swallowed by darkness and produces a Heartless. Roxas came into being after Sora stabbed himself with Riku’s, the keyblade of hearts, in keyblade in Kingdom Hearts I. They are a lot of heartless, but luckily the organization only contains thirteen (fourteen) members.

Most of the characters will not be examined to deeply because I don’t know too much about them and probably learn more about them as I play Kingdom Hearts II. I am creating this post because at this point this would be helpful for me to know the members of the Organization because I wasn’t able to get to know them well watching Kingdom Hearts 358/2.

My favorite Organization members are Axel and Xion with Roxas falling below them. in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 we see the development of Axel and Xion. Axel gaining friends, but then having to decide which friend he wants to live. while, Xion becomes her own person, but has to decide if she rather live or help another life. Both characters are complex and that is why they are currently my top favorite organization members. 

I will rank them in order they are associate with in Organization XIII. Each member has a number associated with them and the lower the number the higher in rank they have.

Organization XIII

  1. Xemnas: Leader of Organization XIII. His goal is to build Kingdom Hearts to obtain a heart for him and his organization. At least that is what he says. Members of the organization question his motives. Currently alive.

  2. Xigbar: The second-in-command of the organization and keeps an eye on everything. He acts in his own way to fulfill the organization goal. At this point we don't know much about him but we should keep an eye on him. Currently alive.

  3. Xaldin: Even though he seeks a heart he despises love and friendship. He is another character that hasn't been explored yet. Currently alive.

  4. Vexen: The scientist of the group. He is in charge of the replica program at Castle Oblivion. He is the creator of replica Riku and Xion. He died in KH Chain of Memories by Axel.
  5. Lexaeus: Big muscley guy in the Organization. We don't get to know him well. He was sent to Castle Oblivion and was part of Riku story in KH CoM. He was killed by Riku Darkness after defeating Riku. 
  6. Zexion: The Tactician in the group. He was sent to Castle Oblivion in KH CoM and didn't predict Axel betraying him and died. 
  7. Saïx: Xemnas right hand man and is in charge of giving orders to other members. He is an Old Acquaintance of Axel. He was also the one that ordered Axel to Castle Oblivion in KH CoM to dispose of members that wanted to betray the organization. currently alive. 
  8. Axel: He has his own motives and they are higher priority over the organization goals. We do not know what they currently are. He is best friends with Roxas and Xion. When he had a chose to save Roxas or Xion he chose Roxas. He may seem like a bad guy in KH CoM, but he is kind. He is one of the few members that we know most about. In KH CoM  he killed two members of Organization XIII. He is the only one to survive Castle Oblivion. currently alive.
  9. Demyx: Relaxed person in the organization. He loves his guitar and is not a great fighter. currently alive.
  10. Luxord: The gambler of the group. He loves treating everything as a wager. A gentleman and reserved persona. Currently alive.
  11. Marluxia: He was the Lord of Castle Oblivion and in KH CoM he sought to take away Sora's keyblade and overtake the organization becoming the new leader. He is the main antagonist is Sora's story. He forces/threatens Naminé to wipe Sora's memory. Died by Sora.
  12. Larxene: Highly conceited and mocks all those around her. She has a lightning personality. She was sent to Castle Oblivion in KH CoM and didn't trust Axel motives, but was killed by Sora. 
  13. Roxas: Sora's Nobody and wielder of the keyblade. He is the main protagonist in KH 358/2. He becomes his own person and becomes best friends with Axel and Xion. He loves eating sea-salt ice cream with his friends at the end of each mission. Currently Alive.
  14. Xion: The unofficial member of Organization XIII. a replica of Sora and Roxas made by Vexen. She is the embodiment of Kairi. and when she finds out that she is part of Sora. She willingly sacrifices herself to help Sora and save Roxas. She gets captured by the organization before she merges and is mind controlled to fight against Roxas. She is defeated by her best friend which allows herself to fully emerge with Sora. This takes place in KH 358/2.

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