Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Doctor Who Review: "The Power of the Doctor"

I’ve been a Whovian for nearly ten years (I started watching during winter semester 2013, so I’m only off by a couple months) and it’s been a long time since I was so antsy for a new Doctor Who episode. It was probably the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” that fall that got me so pumped up. My anticipation for the Centenary Special “The Power of the Doctor” might have almost matched my excitement for the 50th. Returning villains, companions, and even Doctors. There’s no way to avoid spoilers in a review like this, so here’s your final spoiler warning. The only spoiler I’m actively avoiding is the cliffhanger of the episode (AHHHH!!!). Anyway, let’s jump in…

The “Extended Fam”

For the first time since Jo Grant Jones appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures, we got the return of a classic companion. But not only one, we got a few. The two major ones were Tegan (last seen in “Resurrection of the Daleks”) and Ace (last seen in “Survival”), but we got the return of Graham, Ian, Mel, and Jo. The Doctor called the group her “extended fam” shortly before her regeneration and extended they are. And did I see a little romantic spark between Ace and Graham?

A Few Old Favorites

Just as the Curator told us in “The Day of the Doctor” we got visited by a few old faces. Returning to help the Thirteenth Doctor in her mental landscape we got the First, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctors. In addition, the Fifth, Seventh, and Fugitive Doctors helped out in hologram form, encouraging the TARDIS team and tricking the Master and his Cybermen.

The Spy Master

Returning as the Master, Rasputin, and (temporarily) the Doctor, it was eerie to get Sacha Dhawan playing the role of the Doctor’s nemesis again. And he finally got around to stealing her body, like he tried to do in the TV movie! Only temporarily, thanks to Yaz and the gang, but it had my jaw dropping in the meantime. Even knowing the Doctor couldn’t possibly be gone for real, I couldn’t see how the TARDIS team would undo a forced regeneration.

Goodbye, Dan

I’m glad we got to see him at the end of the special, but I was disappointed to see Dan exit the TARDIS, especially so early in the episode. I really liked Dan during the Flux epic. His comedic air reminded me of Donna (probably because both actors are comedians). I had actually hoped he’d end up joining the Fourteenth Doctor in the Davies 2.0 era of Doctor Who

The Chibnall Loose Ends

With this being Chris Chibnall’s last Doctor Who story, I had heard we’d get more resolution to the Timeless Child arc and the Flux. Specifically, I want to know what the state of the universe is after the Flux. It was mostly destroyed. Is it back now? It seems so, but no one actually confirmed anything is back. And with the Timeless Child, we got a Ruth hologram during this episode, but we didn’t really get any resolution to the Doctor’s lost memories. I’m sure it’s always possible Russell T Davies will pick up one or both of these storylines, but I’m guessing he’ll just go his own direction next year.

And just like that we’re without the Doctor again for a time. No holiday special this year. Instead, we’re waiting for the 60th anniversary next fall. Allons-y!

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