Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Killer Bunnies: A Must Have Board Game

Do you like games where you make alliances and betray them later like Risk? Do you like when you have a good strategy and then one card could give you terrible misfortune and ruin everything like Betrayal at the House on the Hill? Do you like games where everything relies on the role of the dice, like Dungeons and Dragons? Do you like games that doesn’t matter how well/bad you played because there is a random chance of winning like Yahtzee? Do you like games with puns, like Munchkin? Well, Killer Bunnies card game is that and more!

“Killer Bunnies is a fun, light-hearted game of social interaction which is great to share with both family and friends . . . Killer Bunnies is a comical journey through pop-culture” –

The objective of the game is to play as many bunnies as possible to collect carrots (one of them being the winning carrot). While collecting carrots you can use your bunnies to kill your opponents bunnies; steal their money, bunnies, and saved treasure; have aliens abduct their bunnies; and gamble/auction your opponents bunnies---preventing them from getting carrots.This is crucial, because if the other players don't have a bunny then they are not be able to win. 

To play the game you receive 7 cards and place two cards face down in ascending order each time it is your turn you play the top card, meaning you must think two steps ahead. The goal of the game is to obtain as many carrots as possible. To get a carrot, you must have a bunny in play. In the base set there are 12 carrots each with their own personality like Arnie (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Presto (a magician), and so much more.

After the end of your turn, you draw until you have 5 cards in your hands. In my family we allow you to sneakily steal more cards from the draw pile and if you are caught with more than 5 cards, your opponents discard random cards from your hand until you are down to 5 cards and you skip your next turn. Sometimes when you draw a card you get a play immediately card that causes terrible misfortune killing off one of your bunnies. It’s always fun to read out loud how your bunny died by misfortune like “One of your bunnies is exposed to illegal buried Plutonium loses its fur, convulses for a bit and dies”, “One of your bunnies is smothered in barbecue sauce, bound to a stick, and slowly cooked for a Hillbilly Hoe Down!”, and “One of your bunnies’ experiments with flint stones while kneeling near a leaking gas main!”


The base game is fun, but when you buy the expansions then new game mechanics are presented. Usually, with expansions the games stay the same with more cards, but I really enjoy these games expansions because of the additional mechanics, like defense cards for when your enemy fires a weapon at one of your bunnies, Rank cards that always the highest-ranking player to play an additional card per turn, and yellow ball with red stripe that allows a player to take other players cards that contain that image. The expansions make the game more fun and there are a lot of them.

Also, the expansions include bunnies that reference your favorite shows/movies like Star Trek, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Stranger Things, and so much more. Do you want to see the Harry Potter trio, your favorite doctor from Dr. Who, or Lord of the Rings characters as bunnies? Then this is the game for you.

Killer Bunnies is a game that should be a staple in every household. Growing up I played so many hours of this game every weekend with my friends for years. We had a man cave in my friend’s garage with a fold up table multiple stacks of cards, chips, soda, and laughter that will be remembered for eternity. Some of my best memories growing up are in this garage playing this game. We formed packs, betrayed them, auctioned bunnies, gained military rank, and received many terrible misfortunes.

I like this game for a couple of reasons. You can play this with two or more people. When the game is over there are never hard feelings because even though one player has most of the carrots, there is a chance that the other player has the winning carrot. All geeks who like this blog would appreciate this game. What games are staples in your household?

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