Friday, May 11, 2012

Top Ten Hottest Modest Women of Geekdom

So what do the writers of Mormon Geeks talk about, in between hands of Magic the Gathering and arguing over who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Starscream? Girls. We talk about women. So today we want to celebrate women. Not just any women, if you want to see which cartoon heroine had the most clevage showing there are plenty of websites for that. We're celebrating the top 10 Hottest Modest Women. It's those ladies that are truly ladies, who wouldn't be caught dead in anything skin tight or revealing more skin than a tanning convention. These are women of class and substance that just make our hearts flutter. So for your enjoyment, here's who Stephen, Andrew, T.J., and I thought were the top 10 Hottest Modest Women of Geekdom. 
FYI: This list is in no particular order. 

10: Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises: 
Now there are many incarnations of Catwoman. Not all of them are modest. But I gotta say, Anne Hathaway makes a sleek, hot Catwoman in the promo pics of the The Dark Knight Rises. Personally, Catwoman is probably my favorite Batman antagonist. She definitely can bewitch me. But when I compare Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, Lee Merriweather, and Michelle Pfeiffer against Anne Hathaway, I really do see Anne pulling off the vixen quite well. She's got the soothing voice to play the victim-turned-villain. She's got the curves to fit that mostly-tight suit she wears. As much as Catwoman has been my favorite, this is my favorite physical version. Now if the acting holds out. -T.J.

9: Arwen from Lord of the Rings
Arwen is a beautiful half-elf from the Lord of the Rings series. Few people can say that over 2700 years of age, they are still looking as good as they were hundreds of years younger. Her story is equally beautiful. After meeting Aragorn, she decides to sacrifice her own immortality because of her love for him. Her skin is fair and clear. Her raven hair is worn long and loose. At one point, she wears a beautiful gossamer gown that's absolutely gorgeous. –Andrew

8: Jane Lane from Daria: 
Sarcastic, witty, and opinionated, Jane made the perfect best friend to Daria. Not as anti-social as her friend, Jane was willing to give school activities a shot, even if it was just so she could have another chance to make fun of her peers. Her artistic spirit constantly had her exploring new mediums of expression, and she found some handy uses for a hot glue gun. Also unlike Daria, Jane was never afraid to date, but always kept her standards and would never drop them for a boy. Snarky and sarcastic, Jane is definitely a girl you want to have your number.-Joe

7:Felicia Day (Actress - The Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption)
            Alright, I cheated.  All of the women on this list are characters.  None of them are the actors themselves.  But for Felicia, I couldn’t find one of her characters I found particularly attractive while being modest.  Codex is mostly modest but not someone I’m terribly attracted to.  Tallis’s costume isn’t particularly modest or immodest but you would only wear it if you were going to a halloween party or killing someone.  Felicia Day, on the other hand, mostly wears modest clothes in her everyday life and for photoshoots.  She may show off her shoulders here and there but is a comparatively modest celebrity.  What makes her so attractive is her compassion and her authenticity.  When you have this much inner and outer beauty, why show off your skin?-Stephen

6: Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (book or movies Parts 1 and 2)

Smart witch with bewitching looks. What else could you want? I mean, she's a strong independent woman that doesn't looks at every situation with a cool head. With all the knowledge gained as the perfect student, she is able to fight with the Dark Lord and his minions. Hermione vs Bellatrix is just awesome. Plus, we're talking about one of the most loyal people to fight against evil. Even though the love of her life was being a douchebag, she stuck up for what was right and helped out her friend. And in the end, she still got the guy she wanted. This proves to me that Hermione has some great worth as a person. Now, as much as Hermione in the books is defined as frumpy and frizzy, Emma Watson does an awesome job at putting life to the character and has her own sense of moral and values that seem to parallel Hermione's quite well.-T.J.

5:  Quistis, from Final Fantasy VIII:
Quistis became an instructor when she was only 17 years old. Later, she is released from her teaching position and starts a friendship with her former students. Smart, calm, and knowledgeable, Questis weilds her chain whip and battle and uses a form of magic that lets her imitate the special abilities of the monsters from her world. Between her teacher's uniform and her battle gear, Quistis dresses modestly and tastefully. She makes glasses look attractive and pulls off wearing leather without turning into some kind of sex symbol. -Andrew

4: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 
Willow started the series as that girl in high school who you just can't help but love. She was sweet, kinda innocent, a little bit awkward and a lotta bit nerdy. She always tried to see the positive things no matter how dark things got. She also has the most significant story arch throughout the series, going from quiet computer geek with a crush on her best friend to an extremely powerful lesbian witch, all while maintaining a level of class and taste. She never had an inappropriate outfit, even during her wicked witch period. She was sweet, cute, and fun to hang out with.

3: Annie Edison (Community):
            Annie Edison (played by Alison Brie) of the tv series Community, is--in my opinion--the hottest girl on this list.  Annie is more modest than most Provo girls.  Her personality is pretty neurotic but very sweet and loyal.  Her character may not be on a spaceship or be involved in the supernatural.  What makes Annie so geektastic is her compliance to the characters Troy and Abed in the show.  She’s not only 100% willing to join in their geeky shenanigans but understands them.  She also really knows how to step into a D&D character quite well.  Oh, Annie Edison, if you were a real girl and mormon, I’d so marry you!-Stephen

2: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Yes, I know she's animated. But we're talking about a beautiful book nerd before it was a popular thing. She wasn't the type of person to flaunt her beauty. She was subtle. If Belle was in a modern day high school, she would not be a cheerleader. She probably wouldn't even be in the popular crowd. I'd bet good money that she'd be a flute player in the orchestra, the one that all the other guys are trying to date and she's saying no to because she has values and morals. Come on, that just made her more attractive. Regardless, we're talking about someone who wasn't just beautiful on the outside, she defined beauty on the inside. We're also talking of one of the few princesses that took time to know her prince before falling in love with him. Before Belle, you have Snow White (love at first sight), Sleeping Beauty (love at first sight), Cinderella (love at first sight), and Ariel (love at first sight). Belle really got to know the beast and was able to fall in love with him because she didn't care about appearances. Someone who looks at the inside of a person is more valuable than someone who looks at appearances alone. (Of course, no matter how I look at it, I'm still most easily compared to LeFou.)-T.J.

1: Kaywinnit “Kaylee” Frye (Firefly, Serenity)

            Deep in space on a firefly class ship known as Serenity is a female mechanic named Kaylee.  Kaylee is an optimistic, bubbly, and fun young woman.  Though she is quite a sensual character she never once ever wears revealing clothing.  What makes her so attractive is not only her personality but how she respects herself.  She wears the practical greasy mechanic jumpsuit despite being a girly girl.  Simon, her love interest, says “I just said that you're pretty. Even when you're covered in engine grease, you're--No, especially, especially when you're covered in engine grease.”  Way to go for being modest and for being yourself Kaylee!-Stephen

Some special mention goes out for some ladies who didn't make the list: Katness Everdeen, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, Seven of Nine, Judzia Dax, and Barbra Gordon. Sorry ladies, maybe next time. 


  1. You've got 2,4,6-10 spot on (maybe slightly different order). So I'll correct it for you:

    5. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

    3. Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman)

    1. Jean Grey (Famke Janessen)

  2. I'll give you Black Widow and Jean Grey, but Amidala, really?

    1. She's better looking than Leia, in my opinion. I always had a soft spot for her pretty Israeli skin tones. Only immodest thing she wore was when her outfit got torn in Ep. II.

  3. Quick question: not to start a debate, but since when was Annie Edison modest? I'm having trouble thinking of an episode where she wasn't wearing something that made me a little uncomfortable.

    1. Really? She wears a sweater in practically every episode. I can't ever remeber Annie wearing something that would make me uncomfortable. The only time she wore something racy was this past Christmas episode and the first season's Halloween episode. Maybe she makes you uncomfortable because of her stunning beauty. ;)

    2. ... and a miniskirt every episode? But then again, with all the crap in the show itself, there are worse things I should be concerned about. :)

    3. And there's the Western Paintball episode. I liked her outfit in that one do much, I wondered if I should talk to my bishop about it.

    4. There is something hot about a woman with two pistols...

    5. Indeed, although there's something hotter about a woman with four. She didn't make the cut. She didn't fit into the 'modest' category. ;)

    6. @Alex, Are we talking about the same Community? I love this show. I can't think of much crap in it in the first place. :/

  4. My heart grieves that Arwen should be so low.

    1. Ah, grieve not! These are in no particular order. :)

  5. CATWOMAN?!?! Seriously? She wears a skin tight body suit! And you can hardly count the TDKR version of Catwoman when you haven't even seen the movie yet.

    But I guess I'll give you the rest. lol.

  6. Definitely Arwen and Kaylee. :D And just a reminder, in case folks didn't remember, the names weren't in any particular order. :)

  7. Addition: Liz Lee
    Any girl that can be artsy, sing like a goddess, and go larping with all her nerdy boys, deserves a spot on the list kthnx