Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chic Geek #2: Canvas Kicks

For my post today, I'd like to talk about something that I really like: shoes.  It sounds weird to say it, but hey, I like shoes.  There just isn't more to it than that.  I'm quite secure in my masculinity so I got no problem owning my love for shoes.

When it comes to buying shoes there are a lot of options available.  Many men will go out and buy some sort of multi-purpose shoe that they can wear hiking, athletics, or the work place.  Although that will save you money those shoes also tend to look their best in whatever attire you're meant to wear with it.  Hiking boots generally look great with khaki shorts or jeans.  Basketball shoes also look good if you're dressed accordingly.  If you're not hiking or playing basketball though, it may look a little out of place.

My favorite kind of kicks are canvas sneakers.
Plaid is rad.  Don't forget it.  Also, the color Brown rocks--it's my favorite.
What I love about canvas sneakers is that they look simple in their design without overloading your eye with "too much."  I mean, look at these athletic shoes to the right.  By themselves, they are designed... okay.  In some basketball shorts and an under armor shirt they may look awesome.  But outside of that it would look completely out of place.

Not only that, but there's just a bit "too much" going on here visually.  In many ways, these shoes draw too much attention to themselves.  The canvas shoes above are much more subtle.

When it comes to the canvas sneaker I generally can't look past Converse or Vans.  They tend to feature some of the best designs and look great.  You can always count on better quality as well.  I find that Vans are a bit more comfortable and are a little better looking in their designs.  Converse can look great if worn with the right shirt and pants.  They can also get a little complicated but with good reason.

Look at that.  Just comic book art printed on canvas, the rubber sole, nose, and laces.  No need for any extra frills or gizmos to add to the shoe.  It understands that it is art and though it does draw attention to itself, it does so with unashamed finesse.  Shoes like these would go great with a graphic tee in a complimentary color featuring the same character.

The thing about shoes is that they can get a little expensive.  You can get a great t-shirt for as little as 10 bucks.  A quality shoe can be as little as 40 bucks.  It may require a little bit of hunting at Zappos or, but deals can be found.  You don't have to always blow a hole in your bank account or wallet to get your feet in one of these shoes.

When you decide to wear your canvas sneaker, pay special attention to what you're wearing with it.  Matching styles and colors can really make an impression.  Don't try to be exact in your color tones--that can quickly look tacky.  Just make sure that they are either close or complimentary.  (I'll have to do a post on choosing colors in the future.)  For example, the shoes at the top I would wear with a brown or hunter green shirt and dark shorts or pants.  I'd probably wear a plaid shirt if possible but not plaid bottoms as to create a sense of visual rhythm.

Finally, canvas shoes are great ways to show your inner geek.  Many styles feature comic book or cartoon characters printed on them.  They also come in a variety of colors to easily match tees, shirts, and even ties.  The canvas shoe with the right tie can be pulled off in business like settings.  I've worn my black and purple checkered Vans along with my black and white checkered tie to church and a job interview before.  (I got that job, too!)

Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski) is a great example of a Chic Geek.
If you're in the market for some new shoes.  I recommend picking up a pair of canvas kicks.