Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Superpowers: What If I Had Them?

With The Avengers having come out last weekend, I decided that this post would be appropriate.  Super powers.  What if I had them?  In all the comics, movies, and games that I've seen, a wide variety of different powers have been presented.  Some people can stretch, some shoot fire, and some can fly.  Some get their powers from genetic mutations, some go through magical rituals, and others have the gifts bestowed upon them.  The possibilities are limitless.

When I grew up, I also picked out a superpower for myself.  My superhero name would have been 'Electron'.  I would have the power to absorb and unleash electrical power.  As the powers progressed, I would gain the ability to turn myself and other objects into electricity, the ability to project protective fields of electricity, and so on.  Eventually, I would even be able to fly by manipulating my own personal magnetic field.  I was a little kid, so I imagined that my powers could do nearly anything.

Well, that's beside the point of this post.  I've decided to talk a bit about which power I think would fall into different categories.

Most exciting power:
Flight.  I think nothing would be more incredible than the ability to fly.  I would love to see things from a 'bird's eye' view and feel the rush of the air against my face as I went to work each morning.

Most useful:
Teleportation.  I spend a lot of time getting from point A to point B.  This would save me a ton of money on gas and on a car.  It would also mean I could visit my friends at the drop of a hat, be able to pick things up that I left at home, and be able to fill up my glass with water in even less time!  More efficiency!  Maybe I should have picked this for the coolest power.

Coolest power:
Mind powers!  Pick anything from telepathy to telekinesis.  There's something cool about being able to defeat your opponent with your mind.

Ability to summon small animals.  Most Disney princesses are gifted with this super power.  I find it frightening that they can sing and get small animals to do their bidding.  Who would want to mess with someone with the ability to send swarms of cockroaches and pigeons after you?

Most beneficial to others:
Healing.  This probably could compete with the mind powers category, especially if it could do things like regenerate limbs or cure cancer.

Indestructibility.  Honestly, I find it boring if a person can't be hurt.  Part of the excitement of having a super power would be the fact that I would need to be careful not to get myself killed in some way.

On second though, indestructibility might be useful because I probably just angered all the Superman fans out there.

Feel free to comment and share away!


  1. I've always wanted to be able to teleport. It would save so much money, be totally useful, and you'd look totally cool doing it.

    1. Yah I'm with Stephen. My favorite X-Men is Nightcrawler so I'd want to be him. :)

  2. I get angered with Superman fans too. I think having shovels for hands would be a cool and entertaining power/mutation.

  3. I don't know. Heroes had a really cool ability; the ability to copy somebody else's powers and keep them. Then use them whenever you need to.

  4. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that shortly after X-Men 2 came out, I had a dream wherein I was a mutant who had the power to control water. My mutant name was Riptide. Yeah. Coolest dream ever.

  5. I think Chlorokinesis would be very useful as well. Healthy eating on a budget of ZERO!

    But I'd want to be like Rogue and suck the life (and powers) out of other people. Bwahahaha!

  6. Definitely Phoenix, but Phoenix from New X-Men where she was all in control and stuff. I'd even be willing to switch genders to actually be Jean Grey (after all, with the Phoenix powers I could just change myself back).