Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gencon 2012: Something That Made Me SQUEE!

Just a short post from me today.  A few weeks ago, I signed up to go to Gen Con Indy 2012.  On May 1st, they release a list of the events.

Now, before I looked at the list, I was convinced I would spend most of the time at Gen Con wandering around bored with some friends of mine, or reading every last book I had in an attempt to stave off my boredom.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Some (and by some I'm probably only hitting a small portion of possibilities) of the events include:
Magic tournaments
Magic drafts
Dominion games - deck building game that I really enjoy playing.
Red Dragon Inn - an entertaining board game where you try to get the other players drunk...I mean the other characters drunk.  Trust me, nobody has to drink alcohol.
Anime events - like re-dubbing the anime
Miniature games
LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying, not that I'm into that)
Role playing games
Board games
Seminars about writing, LARPing, and more
TDA (True Dungeon Adventures, similar to LARPing but with a created dungeon and animatronics)
Brandon Sanderson!  - He's an author, and has written some pretty awesome books.  He also plays a mean game of Magic.
Don't let those looks fool you, he's a ruthless Magic player!

Needless to say, I'm quite excited about the whole thing!

That reminds me that I need to buy a camera, because this is something that I simply MUST have pictures for.  Don't worry, I'll be blogging about it with all my fan boy excitement!

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