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Top 10 Best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts


It’s been a while since I have made a Kingdom Hearts post (almost two months) so of course I decided to make another post about this beloved franchise. For this post I want to go over my top 10 favorite kingdom hearts Keyblades.

10. Star Seeker

Before King Mickey got his Kingdom Key D keyblade he had Star Seeker. Its design features a star motif, reflecting Mickey's role as a guiding light and protector of the worlds. It symbolizes hope, guidance, and the pursuit of knowledge, embodying the values that Mickey imparts to Sora and his friends.

9. The Gazing Eye

The only Keyblade on this list that we players cannot use (yet?), the Gazing Eye symbolizes foresight, destiny, and the manipulation of time. It represents the ability to see beyond the present and influence future outcomes, a theme that is prevalent throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. The Master of Masters' use of the Gazing Eye to predict and shape events speaks to the broader narrative of control and free will. Characters like Xehanort, who seek to reshape the world according to their vision, embody the struggle between predetermined fate and the freedom to choose one's path.

Additionally, the Gazing Eye reflects the overarching conflict between light and darkness. Its ominous appearance and association with characters who tread the line between these two forces highlight the series' exploration of moral ambiguity and the complexity of the human heart.

8. Way to the Dawn

Way to the Dawn is Riku's Keyblade, signifying his journey from darkness to light. Its design includes elements of both a bat wing and angel wing, symbolizing the duality of his past and his aspirations for redemption. It represents Riku's acceptance of his past mistakes and his resolve to forge a new path guided by the light.

7. Fenrir

Fenrir is a powerful Keyblade obtained after defeating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II. Its design is inspired by the Fenrir motorcycle from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, featuring a mechanical, almost industrial look. Its unique design and association with one of the toughest battles in the game make it a standout Keyblade.

6. Lionheart

Since this is a list of best Keyblades I cannot mention Squalls weapon, but I can mention the Keyblade Lionheart. It is a tribute to Squall Leonhart (also known as Leon) from Final Fantasy VIII. Its sleek design, featuring a lion emblem, reflects Leon's character. It symbolizes courage and determination, traits embodied by Leon and admired by Sora.

5. Oblivion

Oblivion is a dark, edgy Keyblade often associated with Riku and the darker aspects of the Kingdom Hearts storyline. Its black and silver design, along with its high strength stat, makes it a favorite among players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. Oblivion often pairs with the Oathkeeper Keyblade, symbolizing the balance between light and darkness, and Sora's connection to both his friends and his inner struggles.

4. Oathkeeper

The Oathkeeper is the counterpart to Oblivion, representing light and hope. Its elegant design features white and gold colors with a charm resembling Kairi's lucky charm attached to the hilt. It is a symbol of Sora's promise to return to Kairi and his dedication to protecting his friends.

3. Two Become One

Two Become One is a unique Keyblade representing Roxas, Sora's Nobody. Its design is a fusion of Oblivion and Oathkeeper, symbolizing the merging of light and darkness within Roxas. This Keyblade has the unique ability "Light & Darkness," which triggers the Drive Form transformation into either Anti Form or Final Form. It represents the duality of Roxas' existence and the struggle to find balance between conflicting aspects of identity.

2. Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon is one of the most powerful Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series, typically obtainable only after completing extensive challenges and side quests. Its design varies slightly between games, but it consistently features an intricate, almost regal appearance with a glowing aura. The Ultima Weapon boasts high strength and magic stats, making it an ideal choice for both physical and magical combat. It symbolizes ultimate mastery and dedication, reflecting the player's commitment to the game.

1. Kingdom Key

The Kingdom Key is the iconic starting Keyblade wielded by Sora throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. Its design is simple yet memorable, resembling a classic key with a gold handle and silver blade. Despite its basic appearance, the Kingdom Key is a symbol of Sora's journey and growth. It represents the bond he shares with his friends and the light that guides him through the darkness. Its versatility and balance make it a reliable choice throughout the series.

Each Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series is not just a weapon but a symbol of the character's journey, values, and growth. They represent the intricate connections between light and darkness, friendship and struggle, and the unwavering resolve to protect the worlds from the forces of evil.

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