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Digimon Adventure Loose Ends (3)

Back when Digimon Adventure Tri ended, I did a blog post about the loose ends that the Digimon Adventure saga had left unfinished. I had hoped that perhaps some of those plot points would be addressed in Kizuna, but instead the latest two movies only left me with more questions. No sequel has been announced to follow up The Beginning, but if Digimon has taught us anything it's that anything is possible. So I'm back here again to pinpoint some loose ends that Digimon Adventure has left us with. I'll try not to just rehash the ones from my last post, but obviously there'll be some overlap.

The Missing Digimon

At the end of Kizuna, we had three partner Digimon confirmed missing: Agumon, Gabumon, and Biyomon. In addition, images from the credits also made it seem like Tentomon, Gomamon, and Palmon are gone too. But of course the Adventure 02 epilogue is still canon. So how did the missing Digimon return? Could it have something to do with Lui undoing his wish in The Beginning? Maybe (I like my theory/feelings better) but I want it confirmed!

The Original Digi-Destined

In Adventure Tri, we got a flashback of the Daigo and Maki's team of Digi-Destined. Their partners became the Sovereign, so we could get more of that. Or there are three other members of their team we could see. However, we also had the story of Lui and Ukkomon that doesn't exactly mesh with the story of the original five children. There's some missing component of that story (I definitely need to re-watch The Beginning), but it's hard to track which came first: Lui or Daigo? 

The MIA Adventure 02 Kids

We've seen Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken in Kizuna and The Beginning, but I still want to know why they were in the Digital World during Tri when King Drasil took them out of commission. Obviously it all ended well. I just want to know details. None of the original eight kids were even concerned about the four until Gennai appeared, disguised as the Digimon Emperor, so the kids obviously knew something the viewers didn't. I just want to satisfy my curiosity. 

The Dark Ocean

Okay, so we've got that whole Dragomon tease from Adventure 02 that was never followed up on. I can forgive that and write some fan fiction about it. However, we also had Maki stumble into some Scubamon/Divermon during Tri. They didn't confirm it was the Dark Ocean, I suppose, but it was certainly alluding to that world of darkness. Basically, there's more going on with the Dark Ocean and I want to know! Daemon was banished there and Dark Gennai alluded to his potential return, so give me something!

The Effects of Lui's Wish

I mentioned on the Podcast that Lui was perhaps an unreliable narrator as he told his story to the Adventure 02 kids and had his flashbacks. Especially since his story doesn't exactly align with the story of the flashback of Daigo's team and the creation of the Sovereign. If the writers are being smart, they'll keep the canon straight, but right now it all seems garbled. So again, I want my curiosity satisfied and I want to know more! We know the Digivices are gone now, but we've known since the first season that they were only a tool to facilitate digivolution. But what now?

Without any further Digimon projects announced, I may never get answers to my curiosities and questions. I saw one Youtuber speculate that perhaps we'll finally get our answers in a couple years, when the epilogue took place in Adventure 02, but until then I'll have to content myself to fan fictions and perpetually re-watching the Adventure saga.

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