Monday, March 4, 2024

LDS Geeks Podcast #13: Second Doctor Adventures

Beginning our series about the Second Doctor, we're starting again with our favorite stories. We hope you enjoy our discussion about Patrick Troughton's tenure in the TARDIS


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Show Notes:

    Spencer's Recommendation: Digimon

    TJ's Recommendation: Australian Survivor

    The Highlanders:

        "First Doctor Revisited: 'The Romans'" by Spencer

        LDS Geeks Podcast #2: First Doctor Adventures (show notes)

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            YouTube: click here

        "Second Doctor Revisited: 'The Highlanders'" by Spencer

    The Enemy of the World:

        "The Doctor's Doppelg√§ngers" by Spencer

    The Web of Fear:

    The Mind Robber:

    The Invasion:

    The War Games:

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