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Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road


I think I was supposed to play Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road (KHDR) after KHIII, but I wanted to learn about the mobile games before I play the third game so I wouldn’t miss out on anything while I was playing that. This game dives into the early life of Xehanort, revealing his origins, motivations, and the events that shape him into the antagonist for this series. 

Before this game the Book of Prophecies it referred to a chosen one being raised in destiny island. Xehanort being a descendant of Ephemer, one of the union leaders, and possibly Skud was taken from Scala ad Caelum and raised on destiny island being taught by a cloaked figure who was friends with Ephemer. I believe that this cloaked figure was the playable character from union cross. The cloaked figure makes Xehanort believe that he is chosen one that will save everyone because he fits the prophecy and can connect hearts. But it is kinda forced since he wasn't born in destiny island. He leaves destiny island as a teenager after the cloaked figure dies thanks to of Ansem-Xehanort from the future. 

As he is traveling he experiences his first encounter with darkness; feeling extreme negative emotions that overwhelm him. Even though this was occuring Xehanort took interest and started believing that darkness could be channeled and even controlled by a strong heart. 

He ends up traveling to Scala ad Caelum and is enrolled to become a keyblade wielder/master. Each class comprises seven students and in his class Eraqus, Terra’s father who we met in BBS is there. Their class is called to investigate the disappearance of the upperclassman and travel between worlds to find clues. 

During their travels Xehanort believes that he can overcome the darkness since he is the chosen one. As he removes his protection armor he is overwhelmed and eventually saved by The Master of Masters. After being rescued, The Master of Masters gives Xehanort a black cloak that is more effective than his armor and asks him to look at the hearts of others as he travels. 

Their investigation finds that the upperclassmen were trying to get rid of darkness by summoning Kingdom Hearts which would destroy all darkness, but they gave up because the cost was too great for them to handle. 

With these revelations, one of Xehanort's classmates, Baldr, being corrupted by darkness is disappointed with the upperclassman and goes on a rampage to kill 13 lights to feed 13 darknesses. Many of Xehanort’s classmates perished. 

Xehanort and Eraqus with the help of Odin (who has the Gazing Eye Keyblade) face Baldr and win. Instead of purging the darkness from Baldr he slays him so he can rest with the fallen comrades and friends.  

Years later Xehanort and Eraqus visit their friends' gravesites, which contain so many tombs, and pay respect to them. They are both about to take their Mark of Mastery exam and replace Master Odin, who wants to retire. After they leave we see either the Master of Masters or Luxu show up stating that Xehanort is not the chosen one. 

I feel like the mobile games have been confusing because they try to hide details to be revealed later, but it’s a bit much. I feel like they don’t share enough with the player making the main story confusing to understand. I tried my best giving the highlights on what I think are important for the future games, but I may be missing the mark completely. Have you played Dark Road?

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