Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Merch at Pop Con

A 95,155% markup.
Not bad for a bounty hunter!

There are so many fun things to check out at Comic Con: the panels, the cosplay, the celebrities, the workshops... But sometimes the most interesting thing to check out is the merchandise! I went to the Four State Comic Con in Harrisburg, PA, also known as Pop Con. What a well-executed local convention! There was lots to do, as always. But the thing that struck me most was all the merch. Kitschy and cool and quirky and rare and  campy and sooooo unique to comic con merch! So below is a sampling of some of my favorites...

By far my favorite thing for sale at comic con: A Deadpool Chia Pet! Yes, I now have this sitting proudly on a windowsill in my classroom where my 6th grade students can ashamedly shake their heads at me, but secretly want to be me.

Alf trading cards! I just want to know if the stale gum tastes like cats. 

The only game better than Beatles Flip Your Wig is Pretty Pretty Princess. Which I rock at.

Not technically merch since it was being raffled instead of sold... but how cool is this "Initiative Gauntlet"? Complete with 6 D&D dice, with a D20 cube as the mind stone, natch. I'm not even a D&D player, but I want this.

It's Yoda. It's Lego. It's a clock. I love it. I mean, they could have chosen regular Yoda for this clock. But they chose Lego Yoda. Just because they can.

A pterodactyl glider. Really flies! Holds passenger! I mean, I wouldn't trust this in a mission years. But I love the bravado! I mean, if you've been in the Land of the Lost for any amount of time, you ought to know by now that not everything here is logical.

So. Many. Lego. Figures!

Easily my second favorite item for sale at the comic con: The Necronomnomnom! It's a cookbook (really, it is!) based on the Necronominom. Because, why not?

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