Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Adventure is Out--SQUIRREL!!!

If you’ve checked out some of my cosplay posts in the past, you may have noticed I’m a fan of Up’s lovable pup Dug. Fan is probably putting it lightly. So when Disney Plus announced that it was doing a series of shorts starring our favorite doggo, I got excited. This series is perfect for anyone who has a dog, had a dog, or loves watching dogs on Instagram.


The first short is just full of dog antics. Gotta wake Carl up, gotta get in his lap, gotta get in the way. He tries so hard to do the one thing Carl asked him to do… though he wrecks the flowerbed, gets stuck in the tree, and scares away the bird. Even when they end up in mischief, they’re good dogs and we’re lucky to have them. Like Dug says, “pretending to obey is hard.” I hear you, Dug. I hear you. But we can always do better tomorrow.


This short could have been called “fatherhood in ten minutes”. The whole time Dug is playing defense with the visiting pups. Guard my stuff, get attacked, run away. Same way with my very active little girl: no climbing on the dishwasher, don’t pull my hair, etc. But you can never be too annoyed or stressed for too long. She flashes me that smile and she has me wrapped around her finger again. In the end, she needs guidance and love.


It’s all about finding joy in the simple things. Dug loves smelling the flowers, the dirt, everything. And in doing so, he was able to save a house from burning down (despite Carl thinking he was just up to mischief). Just goes to show that even when dogs seem to get into mischief, they’re good dogs.


I always feel bad for dog owners during the fireworks season--which encompasses all of July in Utah. I know the scene in the living room and his crazy dream was meant to be comedic and everything, but I just felt so bad for Dug. I just wanted to give him a big hug (which I’ve done before). I’m glad he got the noise cancelling headphones in the end.


Dug might be the most wholesome creature, but even he could use a lesson or two in empathy and communication. Russell’s science experiment gave Dug the opportunity to learn from the neighborhood animals. Despite his naivety, Dug learned compassion for the squirrel and the bird. The world needs more of that: compassion. We could all do with being a bit more like dogs.

With the passing of Carl’s voice actor, Ed Asner, I doubt we’ll get more of these Dug shorts. But I’m glad he could grace us with some wholesome entertainment. There’s a lot to be learned from Mr. Frederickson, Russell, and especially Dug, so I’m sure we’ll return to Paradise Falls again soon.

Adventure is out there! 

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