Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Best Build-A-Bears You Have To Have Right Now

 Yeah I know this is a fluffy post for me but I'm busy this week so cut me some slack. 

In the last week I've had three people message me separately with Build-A-Bear's new Umbreon plushie. Maybe it's because I have a cat named Umbry. Maybe it's because they know how much I love Pokemon. Maybe it's because I have an extensive collection of stuffed animals for a mid 30's something male with no children. Either way, I wanted to show off some of my favorites currently available and squee over some cute squishies. 

BTW this is NOT a paid advertisment for Build-A-Bear Workshop, but if they want us to make it sponsored hit us up. 

10: Vaporeon (Online Exclusive) 

Don't get me wrong, the Umbreon is adorable, but I gotta go with my home boy Vaporeon. He's always been my favorite of the Eeveeolutions and here he's the most adorable he's ever been. I personally don't care for his little outfit since to me it's just a hat on a hat situation, but it's cute if you want the bundle. As for me my Vaporeon will show up naked. 

Okay so you can technically just buy the Frodo outfit and put it on any bear so this is really more a reccomendation for the outfit. The bear itself is just a bear with "Lord of the Rings" stitched onto its foot. Oh stop my pounding heart. But the outfit- adorable little green vest AND fuzzy Hobbit feet?! It's a must have. Buy it with the bear. Buy a different bear. Put it on Vaporeon. Who cares, just get it. 

Speaking as a person who happily owns a two foot diameter Grogu because he saw it at Costco and had to have it, I feel the Baby Yoda thing is getting a bit oversaturated. The Child at Build-A-Bear is cute, but this Jawa is everything I'd want in a stuffed Jawa that I never knew I wanted. And put a wizard hat on him and you easily get Vivi from Final Fantasy 9

So if I buy a Tom Nook stuffie will he take some of my debt off? Just curious. 

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the release of the movie, we got an entire set at Build-A-Bear. I couldn't decide to go with the card suits on Alice's dress, or the Queen of Hearts looking so regal, or that cute Mad Hatter... So I'll just put them all on. 

Had to throw in Stitch. They built him so well he almost looks like he's going to destroy a city. I'd help. 

Do you know how many people these days don't know who Snoopy is? People talk about required reading in schools and argue over weather to read To Kill A Mockingbird meanwhile Peanuts goes unread. Ridiculous! Anyway look at his little scarf! 

The diva of the sea is ready to cast her spell on... I don't know it's a bear with fantastic makeup, what else can I say? The tentcles are removable so you could technically turn any stuffie into an Ursula creature and build your Lovecraftian nightmare you've always wanted, so that's also a big plus. 

Remember in the 90's when Taz was a big thing? He even had his own show briefly which made no sense since he was the only one without verbal skills and his sister (I think) had a pony tail... Anyway thanks to Space Jam: A New Legacy and his connection to the Rick and Morty cameo now I want one. I really am just one step above Taz. 

The older I get the more I realize that Eeyore wasn't depressed he was just tired and wanted to be left alone. That's just plain relatable. This Eeyore would make the perfect companion for just sitting around, having a streaming binge, and decompressing from work. Plus he looks incredibly soft. 


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