Monday, February 2, 2015

How the Super Bowl Reminded Me About Being a Good Dad

Last weekend was Salt Lake Comic Con. Adam was there all three days, so I'll let him blog about it. :)

Last weekend, Joe was in Disneyland for (some undisclosed reason)

Last weekend was the Super Bowl. Oh yes, that I can talk about.

Of course, many of my friends and fans (if I have any. If so, HELLO! You're awesome!) aren't really football fans. Quidditch, maybe. But football? Not really.

I, on the other hand, have fond memories of watching the big game with my family growing up. Super Bowl XXIV was the first one I can recall watching with my family. I recall Super Bowl XXX through XXXIV as some of my favorites. In all honesty, I've seen all but two Super Bowls from the twenty-fourth through the forty-ninth. This is my tradition.

But something that people love are the commercials. Yeah, there's a lot of beer, but then there are some really good ones. Being a dad of two daughters, this commercial touched me.

But as much as that commercial touched me. This one was even more sentimental to me.

I think at times we forget how awesome of a job being a dad is. It's sad to see so many kids grow up without fathers in their lives. Yes, there are a lot of awesome moms out there who do what they can to raise their children well. But being a dad, I gotta say, I would not want my children to grow up without me in their lives.

The second one reminds us that being a father to a son has a different importance. Sons can benefit from their father's wisdom experience-granted knowledge. Maybe it can be wise sometimes.

Both of these show those moment when Dad's do something simple for their children, but it'll have lasting meaning. A hug goodbye or a hug hello can go a long way. Taking time for my children is not something I'm great at. I get home from work and I'm tired and worn out and the last thing I want is for someone to follow me as I go change. Or for them to yell at me that they "need" this or want that.

But in the end, my children need my love. The three of them are quite special to me. My oldest always does the sweetest gestures. When I'm annoyed she'll come to hug me. Sometimes, it's to try to get out of trouble. Other times, it's to just show me that she loves me and is a reminder that I need to calm down. My son trumps me in randomness. And he's definitely a storyteller like his dad. But he's also one of the sweetest little boys. He has no shame in loving his dad and mom (and even his sisters). And my youngest is just so cute. She gets so excited just running down a hall.

These commercials remind me that being a dad can be a tough job, but it's a job worth doing.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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